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Set a hilariously lethal trap in Apex Legends with this Wraith tactic

Published: 15/Feb/2019 18:52 Updated: 18/Feb/2019 12:18

by Joe O'Brien


Apex Legends players have discovered a hilarious method of eliminating enemies using Wraith’s Dimensional Rift.

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Though Wraith’s ultimate ability is designed for utility, it turns out it can be quite lethal under the right circumstances.

In order to turn the portal into a deadly trap, the exit needs to be placed in an open doorway. Once friendly players are safely through, the door should be closed.

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At this point, any more players who travel through the Dimensional Rift will be deposited in a gap that’s far too small for them and be instantly crushed to death.


Obviously, this tactic requires the enemy to opt-in by travelling through the portal, but if you’re already being chased it could make for a powerful means of turning the tables on them. If you are going to use this tactic, however, be sure to let your team-mates know not to take the portal after the door’s closed.

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It’s not entirely clear yet whether this is a bug or an intended feature. Apex Legends doesn’t feature fall damage, but this isn’t the only instance of an environmental instant-kill. Players who get caught between a wall and an opening chest, for instance, will also be immediately killed.


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It seems that in the event of a player being caught in a space that’s too small to hold them, they will suffer an immediate death. Whether or not Respawn change this in the future, for now it’s worth staying beside chests when opening them, and keeping in mind that you can trap unsuspecting enemies with Wrath portals.