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Respawn CEO reveals “struggle” of meeting content demand in Apex Legends

Published: 30/Jun/2019 14:10 Updated: 30/Jun/2019 15:02

by Marcus Banks


Apex Legends exploded in popularity following release in February 2019, and the CEO of Respawn Entertainment has revealed the developer has been struggling to cope with the demand.

The release of the battle royale was kept a secret, making their enormous success on launch all the more impressive; Apex managed to beat rival game Fortnite’s record after gaining 10 million players within the first three days.

Despite popularity decreasing in recent months, Apex remains one of the world’s most played games and Respawn CEO, Vince Zampella, admitted that the developers are struggling to meet the demands of so many players.

RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENTApex Legends quickly became a leader in the battle royale market.

Speaking to GameInformer, Zampella revealed the success of Apex took everyone at the studio by surprise, suggesting they weren’t prepared to cope with the millions of gamers logging on each day.

“Apex took off beyond our wildest imagination,” he said. “They are good problems to have, but we’ve been struggling with keeping up with demand and servicing that many millions of players. It’s been a busy first half of the year.”

Zampella also stated that due to the success of Apex, the development of other games, such as Titanfall 3, had to be shelved to focus on their new star.

He said: “The success of Apex Legends led us to focusing our resources on supporting that game and push out plans for Titanfall a little further.”

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Despite Zampella’s assertions, only two new items have made their way to Apex thus far – the Havoc energy assault rifle and the new legend Octane – players are eager to see more regular content updates in the coming months. 

The second season for Apex Legends is just around the corner, officially kicking off on Tuesday, July 2, with fans desperate to see a vast improvement on the season one battle pass which left people seriously underwhelmed.

Given many players are likely to flock back to Apex to try out what the new season has to offer, Respawn will surely have taken steps to prepare for another influx of users.

Apex Legends

Bizarre Apex Legends bug is teleporting players across the map

Published: 26/Oct/2020 10:07

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have run into a huge issue where they are teleported across the map if they’re knocked after trying to use a Replicator. 

With Apex Legends Season 7 on the horizon, fans of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale are looking forward to what the next big update will bring – including a new legend, a potential new map, as well as changes to the current legends and weapon pool. 

However, in the meantime, they’re still running around King’s Canyon and World’s Edge, trying to rack up wins and pick up the last few bits of the Season 6 battle pass. 

Yet, some players have been hit with an unusual problem that is teleporting them back to a Replicator if they’re knocked down during a firefight. 

A crafting replicator in Apex Legends
Replicators are used to craft items in Apex Legends.

The unusual issue was flagged by Reddit user i7estrox, who showed that it all stemmed from them trying to use a Replicator. One side of the crafting machine was inaccessible, but they were fine to use the others.

As they progressed on in their match, i7estrox engaged a team of enemies and despite getting some decent shots off, they were knocked down. However, instead of staying where they were knocked, the Redditor was sent hurtling across the map. 

They were taken right back to the side of the Replicator that was inaccessible at first, and left to lay there as their teammates continued on fighting. 

I didn’t know you could save scum in Apex from apexlegends

It seems likely that, given i7estrox tried to access the inaccessible side of the Replicator at first, the game registered them as still using it for some reason, even though they’d moved on and that’s why they were teleported back.

Other players have confirmed that they’ve fallen victim to the same problem, so Respawn might have to get their skates on and get the issue ironed out for Season 7 – unless they have already. But, we’ll just have to keep an eye on that.