Ninja explains how Apex Legends was “a missed opportunity”

Ninja - Twitch / EA

Twitch star Tyler ‘Apex Legends was a missed opportunity for Respawn but it’s still an incredible game.

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Apex Legends got off to a blazing fast start when it first launched in February 2019 but it has cooled off significantly since its launch.

The development has slowed down to the point where fans are openly wondering what’s next for the game and many are growing impatient. Games like Fortnite Battle Royale have led players to expect more frequent updates than developers may be used to.

Respawn EntertainmentNew content dropping in Season 2?
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Ninja was asked by a viewer about Apex Legends and he shared his opinion on the game as a whole, praising some aspects but saying updates just didn’t come fast enough.

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“I don’t think anyone’s gonna leave Fortnite to play Apex,” he said. “Listen, I’m gonna say what I’ve always said about that game, it’s incredible. Gunplay, everything about it man, it was incredible. They missed a huge opportunity by not providing fresh and new exciting content. It got pretty stale, they know that. I don’t think there’s anyone there that would argue that they have done a great job at putting in new content.”

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What is coming with Season 2?

Respawn promised to improve on the Season 1 Battle Pass with better content and possibly a map change, according to a blog post.

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New Legends are pretty much a certainty as well and there’s a lot out there on a Legend named Wattson, someone who currently isn’t in the game. However, shroud warns fans to not get their hopes up too much.

For more concrete information, fans will have to wait until E3, which June 7 to June 9. Respawn promises a lot with Season 2 so let’s see if they can deliver.