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New skins for unreleased L-Star weapon leaked following Apex Legends account reset issues

Published: 3/Apr/2019 23:57

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players have been anticipating the long rumored L-Star to enter the game. While the gun has yet to officially make its appearance in the battle royale, a new leak has emerged giving the best look at the SMG.

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Due to the latest account resets that plagued Respawn Entertainment’s title, some players are being awarded Twitch Prime packs containing Rare and Legendary skins for the upcoming weapon.

During the fallout of the account resets, leaker ‘RealApexLeaks’ collected images from a few players that show incredible designs for the yet-to-be-released weapon for the game.

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Previous L-Star leaks gave players a pretty good idea of what the gun was going to look like, but the latest mishaps from the April 3 update provided detailed peeks for the upcoming SMG.

“A few players were getting LStar skins before the servers went down,” RealApexLeaks said. “They probably erased everything to remove the skins I guess. You’ll get back the rest of the stuff though.”

The two Legendary skins named ‘Apex Hyperdrive’ and ‘Alien Invasion’ come with distinct color patterns. Hyperdrive has an imposing red paint job with a slick black and white trim, while the Alien Invasion touts a purple and green design that’s out of this world.


via Redditor 'Electroshreddie'The L-Star SMG could be next in line to release in Apex Legends.

Reddit user ‘Electroshreddie’ had also received a skin for an unreleased weapon. Called the “Outback,” the Rare skin has a tan color striped with what seems to be long blades of grass.

Even though Respawn had warned players not to “buy or craft anything” during the game’s latest issues, players still poked around Apex and Twitch Packs that dished out the new skins.

With all problems seemingly resolved, Respawn might double back and reclaim all of the leaked skins. Even so, players were still hyped to get the early glimpses of the new gun that is all but confirmed at this point.


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Apex Players are sure to flood the game now that servers have been restored, and will eagerly await the release of the L-Star along with the many leaked skins.