Is Apex Legends getting live events in Season 6?

Daniel Cleary
Rampart looking at rocket

Apex Legends Season 7 is drawing nearer but more leaks and teasers have been pointing towards some possible live events appearing in-game before the end of the sixth season. Here’s everything we know so far.

The sixth Apex Legends season introduced plenty of fresh content for players to unpack, with the arrival of Rampart, the Volt SMG, massive map changes, and more.

Although a new map was initially rumored to arrive on August 18, it didn’t come to fruition, with many now hoping that Season 7 could bring them to a brand new arena.

Season 7 is expected to arrive on Thursday, November 10. However, with just over a month to go, many signs have been leading fans to believe we could see some major in-game events taking place before then.

Rocket from hammond industries
The Hammond rocket could play a part in the rumored Apex Legends Season 6 event.

Will Apex Legends have a live event for Season 6?

While previous teasers and leaks have pointed towards the cast of Legends traveling to another planet, Olympus, the Season 6 map changes added plenty of fuel to the rumors, with a new rocket appearing on the World’s Edge.

Prominent Apex leaker shrugtal previously claimed that these “live events” were expected to arrive in Season 6, and that they could possibly be linked to this rocket, as some kind of countdown is expected to take place.

Another leaker, Biast12, also shared similar information, revealing that the upcoming Aftermarket update, on Tuesday, October 6, would mark the start of this “story event.”

However, with the first signs of a live event expected to arrive in the coming days, some Respawn devs have even been dropping hints about what could be coming to the game shortly.

When discussing the release of the latest Apex comics, Apex Legends writer Tommy Casiello hinted that fans “won’t have to wait” for the Season 7 trailer to learn more about the future of the characters.

While it is still unclear just what changes this rumored live event will bring, with only days to go until its expected release, Apex Legends players won’t have to wait much longer to find out.