Did Apex Legends tease a new map in the Season 6 trailer?

Apex Legends rocket from Season 6 trailerRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans have suspected that a new map might be coming after the quest ending in Season 5, and some thing that Respawn teased it again in the official ‘Boosted’ launch trailer for Season 6.

Following the introduction of the World’s Edge in Season 3, players have been playing on both the new arena and the classic Kings Canyon map.

However, there has been never-ending speculation about a third map, and Respawn might have left some clues in the Season 6 trailer.

Apex Legends characters gathered around a tableRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends’ Season 6 trailer may have shared clues about a new map.

Will Apex Legends Season 6 have a new map?

While there has been plenty of major map changes in recent seasons, such as the destruction of Skulltown, fans have been eager for a new arena to keep the game fresh.

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The Season 6 launch trailer, released on August 6, confirmed the arrival of a new character Rampart, and gave us a brief look at the surroundings heading into the next chapter.

One of the key clues was the ‘Hammond Robotics’ rocket ship that seemed to be ready for launch on the World’s Edge map, as seen right at the start in the trailer below.

The action in the trailer was actually played in reverse, meaning that the initial clip of the rocket would’ve have been the last clip shown.

The trailer was re-uploaded by FrozenFroh, but in reverse, giving fans a look at the teaser when played ‘forwards.’

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Fans quickly latched on to the idea of the cast traveling to another planet and the move off-world was also teased in the Season 5 trailer.

The previous teaser suggested that the Legends might travel to a planet called Psamathe, Lifeline and Octane’s home, to compete in ‘Olympus,’ their home city.

While nothing seemed to come out of the original teaser in Season 5, Apex fans have their hopes up, once again, that a new map could arrive in the next season.