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How to move ridiculously fast using Grappling Hook in Apex Legends

Published: 8/Feb/2019 0:58 Updated: 10/Feb/2019 13:56

by Alan Bernal


With Apex Legends players digging deep into all the game has to offer, one player has managed to discover an incredible trick with the Grappling Hook that can truly change the game.

Pathfinder is already a fan-favorite Legend due to his numerous mobility options, but a newly discovered Grappling Hook trick inspired by Respawn Entertainment’s previous titles could increase his popularity even more.

In a post on Reddit, ‘MrBlaBlak’ found an impressive strategy that could instantly turn the tide of any battle by easily achieving incredible speeds.

Respawn EntertainmentPathfinder is the best in the game at recon, and this new trick could make the robot more versatile than ever.

MrBlaBlak’s squad was in the middle of an engagement with another team when he was looking for the best way to get into the fray.


The player decided the best way to do so was to fire their Grapple Hook on a hill to launch their character forward then transitioning into a slide hop for an insane gap closing maneuver.

The move required MrBlaBlak to shoot the hook while turning the opposite direction, giving them the speed needed to quickly cross a long distance, before using a hop slide to get right into the thick of the fight.

Somebody said you can’t go fast in Apex Legends? from r/apexlegends

The trick should be really familiar for Titanfall 2 players as it was a very popular way of getting around in the shooter. With a bit of practice, Pathfinder could rival the faster Legends in the game like Wraith with this insane trick.


As Apex Legends grows more in popularity, there are sure to be more useful techniques just waiting to be discovered.