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Final circles in Apex Legends’ Diamond Rank are insane

Published: 15/Jul/2019 18:35 Updated: 15/Jul/2019 19:09

by Alan Bernal


Players have been grinding games in Apex Legends since the long-awaited Ranked Leagues launched on July 2, and a look into the final circle of a typical Diamond match reveals the insanity that can quickly take over the battlefield.

While players have been loving Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, before Ranked Leagues released, matches were largely unsatisfying either because opponents weren’t challenging enough or a lack of incentive to win made playing with randoms the wrong kind of hectic.

But since players of different caliber and skills can now be placed in proper tiers, high ranked players are noticing a change of the quality when jumping into King’s Canyon, especially in the endgame.

Respawn EntertainmentThe final circles in high-ranked Apex Legends games aren’t for the squeamish.

In a Reddit post, user ‘The-SadShaman’ shared his view of the final circle in a Diamond ranked match which perfectly shows the madness that can develop in a server filled with battle-hardened Legends.

With only one other teammate in a circle filled with five squads, The-SadShaman can be seen looting up before the circle closed in once again to a suffocating degree.

Then the “Ring Closing” banner popped up on the screen, forcing the players left alive to make their move to the smaller zone.

Stuck between a zone and a Caustic Nox Trap, the player had to book it to keep their team’s hopes alive, leaving his Pathfinder to die in the zone.

The game quickly turned into a 1v1v1v1 as the sole representatives of four squads were looking for ways to outwit the others.

Respawn EntertainmentLooks like players in Diamond rank make every move count, or else it could cost them their match.

Pressing the issue, The-SadShaman had to hold their nerve as they worked to finish off a bunkered Caustic while taking shots from Gibraltar in the opposite direction high above a catwalk.

After finishing off Caustic, the player went around the corner for cover just to find a battered Octane healing up. Using the last shots in their Alternator’s clip, the player fired a barrage of gunfire that made the Octane retreat into the zone, ending his game.

That’s when the final boss Gibraltar laid down his Defensive Bombardment, making it hard to see and heal for the final engagement.

Respawn EntertainmentPlayers were fighting for every inch in the final circle.

But The-SadShaman was able to make him out as he dropped down, forcing the player to stop their Med Kit and take a shot at ending the game.

The-SadShaman was able to come away with a Champion screen, but the gameplay shown has been resonating with a lot of Apex Legends players because of how intense the game can really be.

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Apex Legends cosplayer takes Horizon outfit to new heights

Published: 5/Dec/2020 17:13

by Joe Craven


An Apex Legends cosplayer has stunned fans of Respawn’s BR by bringing Horizon to life, ensuring the Season 7 legend has never looked so real. 

The Apex Legends community has an incredible connection with Respawn’s source material, regularly sharing artwork, videos and cosplays inspired by the world and characters.

Horizon cosplays are obviously still fairly new, given that the Scottish legend was only added with Season 7. The Gravitational Manipulator has brought new levels of verticality to the Olympus map, thanks to her Gravity Lift, Spacewalk and Black Hole abilities.

As far as aesthetics go, Horizon is known for her spacesuit theme. Her iconic ginger hair protrudes out the top of her suit. It’s an awesome look, simultaneously cool and terrifying to see coming towards you in-game.

Horizon driving a vehicle in Season 7 trailer
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon’s abilities give incredible movement options.

One cosplayer, though, took on the challenge and, with some incredible skill, came out looking exactly like the legend herself.

Sosenka (@itlookslikekilled on Instagram) shared her Horizon look on December 4, stunning her followers and the Apex community alike. She has previously shared a Loba cosplay, but many agreed that her Horizon look was even more impressive.

The white suit is complete to perfection, with the goggles and arm bands even down to a tee. At the time of writing, it sits at just shy of 9,000 likes.


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A post shared by Sosenka (@itlookslikekilled)

The look was so good that it even drew the attention of Elle Newlands – the voice actress behind the Season 7 legend.

She said: “I stan, you stan, we all stan for the #Horizon Cosplay Queen!” 

Horizon, despite being fairly new to the game, has taken well to the Olympus map, currently sitting in our A-Tier in our legend rankings. Her pick rates are fairly high, and abilities incredibly useful. Cosplays as good as this only make us want to use her more.