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Apex Legends dev responds to calls to region lock China to stop cheaters

Published: 10/Apr/2019 9:14 Updated: 10/Apr/2019 9:32

by Marcus Banks


An Apex Legends developer has confirmed that more will be done to crack down on cheaters, but region locking China isn’t as simple as it seems.

Apex Legends has exploded in popularity since entering the saturated battle royale market in February – amassing a huge player base across the globe that can compete with Fortnite.

As with any in-demand game, some players will try to gain an unfair advantage on the battlefield, and China is particularly prominent for hackers and cheaters – PUBG were forced to region lock users in the country in order to remove a wave of exploiters back in October 2018.

Respawn EntertainmentHackers are extremely prevalent in China and are causing plenty of headaches on the Asian servers.

With hackers still ruining the gaming experience for many on Apex Legends, there have been calls for Respawn Entertainment to do the same, which would stop players from quitting the game due to the hackers.  

Nevertheless, one of the game’s developer confirmed on Reddit that while more methods to stop cheaters are in the works, it will be a constant battle to ensure fairness among their player base.


The developer also revealed that region locking China would not solve the problem of hackers on the Asian servers as the game isn’t even officially released there.

It’s likely that players are using one or multiple VPN’s in order to gain access to the game – meaning region locking won’t solve the issue at hand as cheaters will continue to bypass the ban on their IP address.


It seems that Apex Legends players in Asia will be forced to deal with the cheaters for the time being, with Respawn giving no further update when more anti-cheat methods will be introduced.

Given the popularity of the game and the lucrative nature of the Asian market, developers should be doing all they can to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

Apex Legends

Apex Predator shows off 28 genius tips & tricks to get better at Apex Legends

Published: 24/Jan/2021 12:50

by Joe Craven


Apex Legends content creator and Apex Predator ‘chiknnuggey’ has offered players of Respawn’s battle royale 28 tips and tricks to instantly improve in-game. 

Regardless of your rank in Apex Legends, chances are you have certain areas you can improve. Whether it’s recoil control, movement around the map or deciding how to balance your loadout, no player is completely flawless, as much as they might like to tell themselves.

Chiknnuggey, an Apex YouTuber and Predator-rank player, sits at 13,000 YouTube subscribers, and regularly posts Apex content to try and help his subscribers.

That’s exactly the aim of his January 15 video, which offers a whopping 28 tips and tricks to Apex Legends players, ensuring they’ve got the game’s basics completely nailed.

Apex Legends trio of character standing side by side
To be great at Apex Legends, you need to make sure you’ve got the basics done.

As you can imagine with 28 tips and tricks, they cover a lot of bases. The Predator’s movement tricks involve ‘zipline bouncing’ meaning you can use ziplines positioned near buildings to instantly reach an elevated position.

Another awesome trick is being able to throw grenades through closed doors. To do this, aim for the very bottom corner of the door, and use the projectile indicator. When it disappears, it means your grenade will slip through the corner of the closed doors. It’s a great way to damage an enemy you know is one the other side.

We also really like the tip to enable fast armor swaps. If you’re in a heavy loot area and planning on hanging around there, drop all the available armor on the floor. In an engagement, you can easily swap your armor for a new one, without having to open a loot box. This will give you a major health boost instantly, and could be the difference between winning and losing a fight.

There are also some more well-known tips, such as how to avoid the fall stun by meleeing a nearby surface (meleeing the ground was patched out long ago, but there’s a new way).

Your play-style may differ from some of the tips, but anything recommended by an Apex Predator should be worth trying out. If you don’t like a tactic or can’t pull it off, then drop it and stick to ones you know you’re capable of. Other than that, drop in and gives these tricks a go!