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Apex Legends

Crazy Apex Legends glitch lets players visit mysterious airship island

Published: 12/Mar/2020 10:14

by Calum Patterson


A bizarre new glitch found in Apex Legends allows players to escape the intended playable area in the firing range, and make the short trip across the water to reach the strange island offshore.

The firing range in Apex Legends is located on the same planet as the original map, Kings Canyon, but is, of course, a much smaller area, just meant for players to warm up their shot and practice with the various legends.

Just visible outside of the main firing range, there is another small island, with a large airship on it and not much else. Given its distance from the playable area, it was presumed to be unreachable.


Respawn Entertainment
You can see the large ship in the background at the firing range.

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But, a couple of smart (and dedicated) players made it their missing to reach the mysterious island, and pulled it off too, using some trickery with Pathfinder’s grapple combined with Caustic’s gas canisters.

Reddit user u/XeDevn shows how they do it, by placing two canisters next to each other at a high point on the firing range. Then, simply firing the grapple at the canisters while Caustic moves very slightly inside it, sends the canister flying out into the distance – with Pathfinder attached.

It looks like this is the one and only way to reach the island, at least that’s been found so far, but the results once you get there aren’t all that exciting.


Sooo… We made it to the Airship Island in Firing Range! from r/apexlegends

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The mystery ship itself seems to merely be a prop, and not a fully rendered one either, as it’s not solid, so characters will simply ghost through it.

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There’s also no hidden teasers or easter eggs, like the Nessies spotted on the firing range. However, the player who reached the island did find a tower you could climb which has more firing range targets, that behave the same as the proper ones.

Given that the island isn’t complete with content or proper objects, it’s clear that Respawn didn’t actually intend for anyone to actually reach this area of the map. They may look into patching the trick, although it’s also pretty harmless.