Caustic players keep finding new ways to setup Apex Legends’ infamous ‘gas room’

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People might find it hard to argue Caustic’s viability on a squad in Apex Legends but players keep finding new ways to keep him relevant. 

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If you ask the average Apex Legends player where they would place Caustic on a list of best characters in the game, chances are they would place him very low, possibly at the bottom. 

Caustic players are still fighting for a way to remain relevant and a lot of that relies on camping in rooms and blocking players in so they can be gassed out. It’s certainly not an ideal way to be eliminated but that’s what happens in many situations.

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Caustic players rely on gassing others.
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The gas canisters can stop doors from opening which means a well-placed one could fill a room up with toxins and leave those trapped in there with no escape. 

However, players are able to smash doors so it’s better if you can manage to block a doorway instead.

These aren’t easy plays to pull off but they are very satisfying when they do as players are put into a pretty hopeless predicament. A Reddit post by ‘Beanbag1992’ shows a hilarious situation where three players have no escape.

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A squad was overlooking the bunker area, a perfect spot for the Caustic deathtrap, and sent in the martyr Pathfinder to lure the enemy team into a room.

Once Pathfinder went down that’s when the team sprang into action by throwing the gas trap and blocking the doorway. The enemy squad slowly succumbed to the gas as they were left hopeless and powerless.

Moments like these are hard to come by but they are very rewarding when they do. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is an adage more Caustic players might be looking to adopt.

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