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Bodypainter brings Apex Legends Wraith to life with incredible cosplay

Published: 23/Mar/2019 15:30 Updated: 24/Mar/2019 15:59

by Connor Bennett


One Apex Legends fan and cosplayer has created an incredibly detailed cosplay of Wraith that really brings the character to life.

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Wraith is one of the more difficult Legends to play as in Respawn Entertainment’s hugely popular battle royale title – and cosplaying as her, to a really high level, isn’t the easiest of tasks.

However, cosplay and body painter extraordinaire KayPike incredibly brought the character and its Void Specialist skin to life with an extremely detailed representation – while streaming on Twitch. 

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KayPikeWraith can open up voids in Apex Legends – but that’s a bit more difficult to do as a cosplayer.

Complete with mask, the Void Specialist cosplay matches the coloring and close details of the different decals scattered around the skin – including a number of spikes on the shoulders and a full recreation of the logo that sits on the chest.


In her post to the Apex Legends subreddit, which was complete with a gif of the cosplay in action, KayPike revealed that around 14 straight hours of detailing was needed to make the cosplay look as spectacular as possible. 

Yet, the arduous task was made a little easier by interacting with her Twitch viewers during the whole thing and relaying updates to her Twitter account. 

The Voices…. Void Specialist Wraith Fanart I painted… On Myself. from r/apexlegends

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Plenty of compliments were made about how good the final design looked, with Repsawn Entertainments developers even chiming in with their own positive comments.

“Wow! I just check out some of your other work. Hold [holy] crap you’re incredible,” commented Mohammad ‘BadMofo’ Alavi, clearly making a slight typo with his positivity – positing ‘hold crap’ instead of ‘holy crap.’


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As an experienced cosplayer and Apex Legends fan, making herself look like Wraith isn’t likely to be the last time that KayPike takes inspiration from the popular battle royale game.

The body painter even dropped hints that she’d like to transform herself into Pathfinder, even though it would be slightly challenging due to the screen in the character’s body, but would allow for an awesome optical illusion – complete with the Legends smiley face.