Apex Legends tactic makes Gibraltar’s shield portable

An Apex Legends tactic makes it possible for Gibraltar’s “Dome of Protection” shield to be portable.

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Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection is perhaps the most powerful defensive ability in the game, forming a barrier that blocks all damage – from either side – for fifteen seconds.

The drawback, of course, is that the shield is stationary. Assuming the enemy aren’t close enough to just run through the dome, it gives you the opportunity to heal and shield up before returning to the fight, but if you’re caught in a tight spot you’re still going to be in the same position when the shield drops.

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Respawn Entertainment / EA GamesGibraltar can use Lifeline’s drone to carry his shield.

There is a way to get the shield to move, however – so long as you also have a Lifeline player on your squad.

If Lifeline first drops her D.O.C Heal Drone, then Gibraltar’s shield can be placed on top of it. Because the drone hovers, it can then be pushed along for its duration.

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By using this method, a squad can reposition while inside the impervious shield, as well as being healed simultaneously by Lifeline’s drone.

It may not be viable for every situation, but it’s certainly a technique worth bearing in mind. If your squad is caught out in the open taking fire from a distance, for example, this strategy could be used to reach cover safely. Alternatively, it could be used pre-emptively as a means of moving between cover without danger.

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While choice of Legends in Apex is largely a matter of personal preference, as none offer abilities so powerful as to be absolutely necessary in any given group, it’s worth keeping little synergies like this in mind when making your selection.