ALGS map pool expands with Storm Point in big move for Apex Legends pro play

Ash on Storm Point in Apex Legends.Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pro play is undergoing a huge change heading into Season 12 ⁠— from February, the ALGS Pro League and all esports events will add Storm Point to the battle royale’s competitive map pool alongside World’s Edge.

Storm Point joins World’s Edge in what is now a two-map rotation for the ALGS. The expansion marks the first time since Season 8 the pro scene has boasted two options.

The Apex Legends competitive scene originally launched with World’s Edge and Kings Canyon as twin options, before Kings Canyon was scrapped over its “late-game zone quality options”. The majority of 2021’s circuit was then contested with World’s Edge as the lone map.

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In 2022, the circuit is back to two maps again.

“Some exciting changes are inbound for Split 2,” Respawn announced. “Storm Point is coming to ALGS. Time to see how strategies shift Legends. We are watching.”

Storm Point joins the Apex Legends pro circuit with several environmental and dropship changes at its back, after the Season 12 patch went live on February 7.

In particular, Respawn are toning down the map-wide Prowlers, who have reportedly been “a bit too punishing and not quite rewarding enough” to justify their placement around the tropical map. They’re having their damage reduced, targeting AI changed, and will now drop better crafting materials.

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The map’s ship pathing is also being tweaked. Respawn sees the flight paths as “healthy,” but is rejigging the logic to cross by Highpoint and Lightning Rod more.

Antenna is one of 13 POIs on Apex Legends' Storm PointRespawn Entertainment
The battle royale’s pro scene is taking a tropical turn as ALGS returns in late February.

⁠Respawn has been hard at work determining the best map to add to the competitive rotation for some time now, and obviously skipped on re-adding Kings Canyon or promoting Olympus to the pro lobby options.

“In terms of determining what maps are in ALGS, feedback plays a big part,” league commissioner John Nelson told Hotspawn in November. “We want to make sure the ALGS community is satisfied with the number and the specific maps that are part of the professional map rotation.”

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Storm Point will make its pro Apex Legends debut on February 26, when ALGS 2022 Split 2 Pro League begins in America, Europe, and across the globe.