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Apex Legends player claims to reveal how skill-based matchmaking works

Published: 9/Dec/2019 17:02 Updated: 9/Dec/2019 17:19

by Matt Porter


An Apex Legends player has undertaken a test to try and figure out how skill-based matchmaking works in the popular battle royale title, posting their results on Reddit.

Skill-based matchmaking has been a contentious topic among fans Respawn’s game, with fans and professional players alike criticizing the developer’s decision to introduce it during Season 2.

Multiplayer gamers are not fans of the use of matchmaking algorithms to match players of similar skill levels, and in an attempt to combat it, one Apex Legends player has decided to test it out on a smurf account and claims that they know how it works.


Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
An Apex Legends player has tested the game and claims to have figured out the skill-based matchmaking system.

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Posted on Reddit by /u/gonnagofarkidtr, the player explained that once they reached Level 15, they were placed in games with high-quality players, such as Apex Predators, but as he kept jumping into lava to eliminate himself, he noticed that the number of top-tier ranked players decreased.

According to the player, by the time he reached Level 15, his smurf account had a higher kill/death ratio than his main account. They claim that after 10 back-to-back deaths they no longer saw any Apex Predators in their lobbies, and by 15 deaths in a row, there were no longer any Diamond-ranked players either.


This is how SBMM works with video proof (from /r/CompetitiveApex) from r/apexlegends

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For many, skill-based matchmaking is a way to punish more talented players by placing them in tougher matches, while creating matches based on their skill will likely cause the game to prioritize that over other important things such as connection and latency.

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Of course, this experiment is nothing more than a test, and there’s no way to verify their results, as they may vary from player to player.

Respawn Entertainment have yet to address calls from the community to revert the system, or at least reveal how it works to the public, so for the time being, it appears that Apex Legends fans will remain in the dark about how they are placed into matches.