Apex Legends’ Iron Crown event is bringing an awesome Wraith skin

David Purcell
Graphics: Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment have revealed that a brand new Iron Crown Collection Event will soon bring some exciting new skins to Apex Legends, and Wraith’s has been revealed. 

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There has been a significant amount of buzz surrounding the in-game event since the announcement was first made on August 6, where it was revealed that a solos mode was finally being added to the game. 

However, while that news might have got fans ramped up for what’s coming soon in Kings Canyon, just two days later developers have given us a first-look at a brand new Wraith skin and it’s very different to anything added to the game before. 

Respawn Entertainment
Here’s what the original Wraith character looks like in Apex Legends.
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The new outfit kicks her standard black and purple costume to the curb, replacing it with a brand new design. In fact, this new ‘Protector of the Void’ version of Wraith is barely recognizable when compared to the original character. This one even has blonde hair! 

Respawn revealed what many believe to be the first of many event exclusive skins using their official Apex Legends Twitter account, as seen below. 

The Protector of the Void skin will be legendary in terms of its variant and will be made available at the beginning of the event on August 13. 

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Coming back to the confirmed arrival of solos mode, some eagle-eyed fans thought that they might have saw a few upcoming skins during that trailer – with Mirage, Bloodhound, Lifeline and Bangalore seen featuring new attires. 

However, those are still yet to be confirmed and judging by this new-look Wraith cosmetic, perhaps fans can expect to see even more as we approach the start of the Iron Crown Collection Event – which is set to run until August 27.