Apex Legends: Does the Wingman need to get nerfed?

Alan Bernal. Last updated: Mar 01, 2019

While it seems like most weapons in Apex Legends were made with distinct drawbacks, a lot of players are noticing that the Wingman feels to be lacking any real flaws.

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The pistol has been getting tremendous amounts of praise and use, but it seems that its overwhelmingly capabilities have had some wondering if it’s time to give it a slight nerf.

The Wingman isn’t that hard to find, which has made it a popular choice at the start of the games, with many even hanging onto it in lieu of other weapons as the game draws on. 

The weapon can be used to great effect in both long-range and close quarter engagements, giving players like NRG’s Coby ‘dizzy’ Meadows various ways of destroying with the pistol.

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During the recent Apex Legends DLive Qualifiers, players in multiple top teams were heavily favoring the pistol. Since the Wingman provides steady aim and high damage to support the run-and-gun method, players were using it to nab quick kills throughout the map.

Though some would point to the Wingman’s low rate of fire as the gun’s main crux, it hardly matters when a single headshot can deal up to 90 damage (over 100 if you have the Hop-Up).

With the right attachments, the Wingman can be used as a primary weapon even in the most chaotic of firefights for players like Mandeee.

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With an extended mag in hand, the pistol’s 12-bullet clip is plenty in the hands of pro players like dizzy, Viss and more. Since Apex Legends has everyone playing on the same playlist, the gun can get really overpowered when players like shroud get a hold of it.

Respawn Entertainment has many options when it comes to reducing the gun’s effectiveness by either increasing the reload time or lowering the amount of damage it does to players with higher tiers of armor.

The Wingman’s current state has the gun consistently featured on the top of many prominent players’ weapon tier list for the game.

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The pistol has become a fan-favorite for a lot of players, but expect things to change once the game’s first major balance patch inevitably rolls around.