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Apex Legends: How to make Caustic’s gas more deadly using a Thermite Grenade

Published: 26/Feb/2019 0:59 Updated: 26/Feb/2019 1:42

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players continue to find incredible uses for items and abilities, and a new trick makes Caustic’s gas far deadlier with a simple grenade.

While Apex Legends fans have been enjoying characters like Wraith and Bangalore, Caustic goes largely ignored for his underwhelming kit. But one creative player found a new way to bump up Caustic’s use.

Reddit user ‘Junkertown’ implored other Caustic players to carry Thermite Grenades with them to severely punish players that push through the Toxic Trapper’s poisonous gas.

Even though the mad scientist can feel underpowered, there are a few tricks to make him terrifying.

Junkertown suggested to throw a Thermite into the gas if an enemy is pushing. This way the damage from both the burn and the gas stack, forcing the player into an awkward spot.


“Players aren’t usually scared of your gas, so if they push you through the gas, throw a Thermite Grenade at the center or edge of the gas,” Junkertown said. “They are slowed, so if they see the fire they either walk back taking more damage OR continue the push and take extra damage from the Thermite Grenade!”

TIP: If you play caustic, MAKE SURE to bring thermite grenades with you! from r/apexlegends

The trick deviously combines two underwhelming elements of the game to create a singular terrifying effect if done properly.

Similarly, Reddit user ‘Itz_Stryker’ suggested to use the Thermite Grenade with Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection to get a few more units of distance between an attacking player. Further, it can also be used with Wraith’s portals by dropping a Thermite at the exit to punish enemies in pursuit.


If done correctly, the Thermite Grenade trick would make any player think twice before underestimating a Caustic player’s gas abilities.