Apex Legends ALGS team skins leaked: TSM, Cloud9, NRG

Apex Legends ALGS team skinsRespawn Entertainment

A new set of Apex Legends ALGS team skins have been leaked and they include cosmetics for TSM, Cloud9, NRG, and more.

With Year 3 of the ALGS Pro League returning on November 6, 150 squads are prepping and gearing up to compete at the top level in Apex Legends.

While the next split is guaranteed to provide viewers with nonstop action and countless highlight-reel plays, it’s clear Respawn wants to provide fans with a better way to support a specific team.

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This was revealed after reliable dataminer KralRindo showcased a set of unreleased cosmetics for some of the most popular organizations competing in the ALGS.

These include NRG Bloodhound, Cloud9 Valkyrie, 100 Thieves Pathfinder, TSM Octane, NAVI Horizon, and countless others.

While the majority of these skins are recolors they will provide fans with a great way of supporting a specific team in the Outlands.

In terms of price, it’s hard to know how much they’re going to cost as they haven’t been officially announced by Respawn just yet. It’s also possible they’ll be part of a bundle when they launch, so keep that in mind.

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As of yet, it’s impossible to know when these skins will available to purchase in the store, but it’s likely to be before Split 1 starts on November 6.

So, keep your eyes peeled for Respawn’s ALGS skins announcement, and make sure to save up some Apex Coins before they’re rolled out in-game.

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