Valorant player gets free coaching session after sad TikTok interview goes viral

Valorant Tik Tok viral interviewscotty.hunter1 | Tik Tok/Riot Games

After a sad TikTok interview gone viral, a Silver ranked Valorant player got the opportunity for a free coaching session from Keeoh during his subathon.

Valorant can be a very hard game to get into. When all your friends are Plat/Diamond while you’re stuck in Silver struggling to improve, it can be hard to catch up.

In a sad Tik Tok interview, twitter user litdopedude seemed sad about his current state of affairs and his low Valorant rank. He said he has “no b****es” and that’s he’s “focused on his Valorant rank” despite being Silver 2.

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Fortunately, Cloud9’s Keeoh saw the interview and gave this player a helping hand to get that rank up.

Keeoh to the rescue with Valorant coaching

When Keeoh said he’d coach this player if he found him, he certainly wasn’t bluffing. Once litdopedude was determined to be the man in the Tik Tok, Keeoh put aside some time on stream to provide some much-needed coaching.

Had Keeoh ever coached someone in Valorant before this? Well… no, but he’s certainly a strong Valorant player.

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litdopedude made his intro on stream and seemed optimistic about how things with go, saying “I’m dialed in, I’ve got a peanut butter and jelly, I’m good” followed by claiming he used to go through an entire jar of peanut butter in two days. That’s one way to introduce yourself.

As it’d turn out, his aim and crosshair placement was good according to Keeoh. But his game sense was lacking, and there are certainly some steps he could take to improve his gameplay.

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They talked through everything from refining his sensitivity to when/how abilities should be used. And, while litdopedude couldn’t pull out a win, he played well individually and learned a lot.

Some viral videos make the rounds and go away, but, for litdopedude, he managed to snag a free coaching session and a Riot gun buddy.

Despite Keeoh having no coaching experience, both parties seemed to have a good time with the coaching session. Both of them also wanted to do another session once litdopedude’s rank gets higher.

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This viral Tik Tok video had a surprisingly wholesome end thanks to Keeoh reaching out and making a coaching session happen.

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