Lover Stalker Killer: Was the body ever found?

Daisy Phillipson
Photo of Cari Farver shown in Lover Stalker KillerNetflix

With Lover Stalker Killer out on Netflix now, you might be wondering: was a body ever found? Read on to find out. 

Lover Stalker Killer is proving to be everyone’s latest true crime obsession, centering on a twisted love triangle between Dave Kroupa, Cari Farver, and Liz Golyar

As a recent divorcee, Dave wanted to get back in the dating pool – little did he realize it would lead him down a path of cyberstalking, deception, and murder. 

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Investigators – including the iconic Tony Kava – dug into the case to uncover a shocking twist, one that resulted in a first-degree murder conviction. But was the body ever found?

Lover Stalker Killer: Was the body ever found?

No, although Shanna “Liz” Golyar was convicted for the murder, Cari Farver’s body was never found. 

The evidence against Liz is substantial – cybersecurity expert and Pottawattamie County special deputy, Tony Kava, was able to uncover an IP address from the streams of threatening messages sent to Dave. 

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This belonged to Todd Butterbaugh, a network administrator working for Tony, who Liz had been living with at the time. Ultimately, authorities were able to conclude that Liz had been posing as Cari after killing her. 

Tony also recovered deleted data on an SD card found in Golyar’s tablet, comprising dozens of selfies of Liz, as well as a photo of Cari’s foot covered in blood. 

Further evidence can be found in court documents for a 2018 appeal, including that Cari’s employer received a text message saying she was resigning and sending “Shanna Golyar” to replace her.

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While pretending to be Cari, she also texted Cari’s mom, Nancy Raney, asking her to let Liz (herself) into the house to collect a bedroom set she’d “sold” her. She sent a photo of a check that was signed by Liz. Nancy was suspicious and so she called the police, and when they tracked Cari’s phone, they found it at an Omaha location not far from Liz’s residence.

Photo of Liz Golyar shown in Lover Stalker KillerNetflix
Liz was eventually found guilty for the murder of Cari

Despite all of the evidence against her, Liz pleaded not guilty in her murder trial. However, in 2017, she was found guilty of murdering Cari and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

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In 2018, Liz appealed the conviction but it was rejected. Since Liz maintains her innocence, she’s never told authorities where Cari’s body is and her remains have never been discovered. 

Lover Stalker Killer is available to stream on Netflix – you can read more about where Liz is now here, new details surrounding the case here, and Tony’s amazing health update here.

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