Good Week, Bad Week: PUBG PCS4 Americas Grand Final Week 3 recap

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PCS4 Americas Grand Final concluded with the region’s most dominant team resting atop the leaderboard. Soniqs claim their fourth consecutive victory and collect valuable points to qualify for the 2021 PUBG Global Championship.

Week 3 of the PCS4 Americas Grand Final came to a close and left the Soniqs towering above the rest.

The team arrived as an overwhelming favorite among casters, fans, and even their fellow competitors. Soniqs exceeded all expectations and claimed their fourth consecutive major title.

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Accompanying their $60,000 USD prize, they take an important step towards the PUBG Global Championship later this season with 450 PGC Points.

PCS4 Americas Grand Final Week 3 leaderboardPUBG Esports
Soniqs dominated PCS4 Americas Grand Final Week 3.

The Soniqs clearly led the lobby, but an impressive effort from Dodge kept Week 3 interesting. Collecting four wins over the course of nine matches, Dodge saved their best performance for the final twelve-match series. It was clear that the team’s experienced roster started to pay dividends as the event’s end drew near.

Heading into this tournament, a lot of talks surrounded the new scoring system and how it may affect teams. Looking up and down the leaderboard, there aren’t many teams that “deserve” to be ranked much above or below their final placement.

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It may not be favored by the masses, but the format did reward teams we expected to do well in this event — namely Oath Gaming, Dignitas, and TSM FTX.

These squads round out the top five just behind Soniqs and Dodge, and generated their own share of highlights and lowlights. Specific details will be studied and addressed for upcoming events, but these five teams all played especially well overall.

Good Week: Soniqs, Dodge

Obviously, it would be impossible to leave the Soniqs out of the ‘Good Week’ portion. The team claimed their fourth consecutive major tournament win, along with $60,000 USD and 450 PGC Points.

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For essentially every team, those PGC Points outweigh the cash, especially when you consider the Soniqs success internationally earlier this season. The awarded PGC Points will determine which teams are invited to the 2021 PUBG Global Championship later this season.

There isn’t much more to say about this Soniqs roster. In my opinion, they’re one international victory away from becoming a PUBG Esports dynasty team. That’s if they aren’t one already.

Week 3 was an impressive final performance from Dodge to close out the PCS4 Americas Grand Final. Individual play from ‘Vegas’ certainly showed up on the stat sheet, but their play as a unit deserves to be highlighted.

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The team’s Match 3 win against the three members of Oath Gaming was very notable; moving towards Oath’s two-story house, Dodge methodically cleared windows and even the rooftop to spur their win.

Bad Week: Trogloditas, Wildcard Gaming

Trogloditas find themselves in the ‘Bad Week’ portion following a difficult final week to the PCS4 Americas Grand Final. One particular highlight from ‘NecroAQN’ aside, the team struggled to close out Week 3 on a positive note.

Trog was one of six teams without a win, but also averaged the second-worst placement over twelve matches. The one highlight came during Match 5, shortly after the team wiped out Team Vertias.

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Our other unfortunate member of the ‘Bad Week’ portion is Wildcard Gaming. Posting the lowest average placement across twelve matches, as well as, only 2.25 Kill per game.

Throughout the Week 3 matches, Wildcard Gaming placed better than 11th Place in just two matches. It was a week to forget for this roster, and one they’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn from.