Palworld players demand “vital” quality of life changes

Rory Teale
Palworld logo on blurred background of Palworld islandPocketpair

Palworld players discussed the changes they wished developers Pocketpair would add to their monster-catching game.

Players have praised Pocketpair since the release of Palworld, and have showered the game with positive reviews, skyrocketing it to breaking Steam player records.

Fans have applauded the ingenuity of the developers for combining multiple loved categories of the game together, blending monster catching with base building and farming.

However, despite the fantastic job that Pocketpair has done up until this point in the game, players made it clear that they would like some quality of life changes moving forward.

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The quality of life changes Palworld players want

One fan shared the changes that they wanted to see implemented in the future of the game.

“Some Quality of life changes I need super bad in Palworld,” said the fan.

The original poster had a long list of improvements that they wanted to see, but here are the main changes.

“[I want] A button press to fall straight out of the sky with my mount as if he were out of Stamina. Allow pals to eat from my feed bag even if they’re summoned,” said the player.

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They also mentioned the ability to meditate to certain hours of the day, a feature that was popularized in games like Skyrim, and the ability to be able to move stations/items without breaking them.

Other Palworld fans agreed with the changes and also proposed some ideas of their own.

“Also, presets for pal teams. Let me assign my 5 mining pals together for one-click assembly at the palbox,” said one hopeful player. “Favoriting pals would be a great change. Would make it easier to find specific pals especially if we can sort by favorites. Maybe more sorting options as well,” said another.

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But, even without these improvements being made yet, some players have discovered genius methods of getting around obstacles, like this vertical farming strategy.

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