Great ways to combine D.Va and Zarya’s ultimates in Overwatch

A new video from Overwatch YouTuber Kappachino does a great job at explaining how to get the most out of using D.Va and Zarya’s ultimates together.

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After the opening night of the Overwatch League on February 14, it’s clear “GOATS”, “3-3”, “triple tank – triple support”, or whatever else they’re calling it nowadays isn’t going anywhere soon.

One silver lining of this is now, we get to watch a ton of great Zarya and D.Va bomb combos, like this beautifully coordinated attack courtesy of Hangzhou Spark player Seong-Wook ‘Ria’ Park against the Shanghai Dragons (who are now 0-41 in OWL matches).

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The first strategy Kappachino talks about he calls the “Air Bomb”, which gets D.Va’s mech to blow up in mid air for maximum coverage on the ground, but still deal maximum damage.

To pull this off, players need to boost their mech straight up and activate Self-Destruct about halfway through the boost, around 1 second, according to Kappachino.

Next is the “Nose-Dive” technique, where players drive D.Va’s boost into the ground at a slight angle in order to get their bomb as close to the Gravitron as possible.

This one is kind of the opposite of the Air Bomb, as players are looking down at the ground at a slight angle and boosting their bomb in, instead of looking up.

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The “Drop-Off” bomb looks just like it sounds, and is basically a drive-by self-destruct where players put the bomb as close as they can to the center of the Gravitron after boosting in.

Finally, Kappachino goes over a good technique for the most recognizable strat, the “Short-Toss” bomb, which throws Self-Destruct at an angle towards the enemy.

Kappachino does a great job of explaining each of the techniques in way more detail than we could fit here, so his video is definitely worth a watch.