Persona 3 Reload producer confirms there’s “no possibility” of FeMC being added

Eliana Bollati
The male and female protagonists from Persona 3

Recent comments from Persona 3 Reload producer, Kazuhisa Wada, confirm the female protagonist from P3 Portable will not be added to Persona 3 Reload.

Persona 3 Reload has been a huge success for Atlus. Old fans have celebrated it as a faithful adaptation of the original, while newcomers to the series have been charmed by its unique gameplay and charismatic characters.

With the devs recently announcing Episode Aegis — the remake of Persona 3 FES — is arriving in September, fans were hopeful another favorite feature from earlier installments would be making its way to P3R.

The female protagonist, also known as FeMC, is a playable character added to Persona 3 Portable. Known as Kotone Shiomi in the game’s canon, the character was a huge hit with fans when P3P was released and many fans were eager to see her added to P3R at some point.

persona 3 reload femc
The female protagonist from Persona 3 Portable, Kotone Shiomi, was a huge hit with fans.

However, according to recent comments from Persona 3 Reload’s producer, Kazuhisa Wada, “unfortunately, there is no possibility of that.”

Wada made the comments in a recent interview with Famitsu, discussing the development of Episode Aegis and going on to explain why FeMC won’t be making an appearance.

According to Wada, despite initially planning to include a female protagonist for Persona 3 Reload, development time and costs encouraged them to switch focus to Episode Aegis instead.

Another factor that he says influenced their decision, was their “mission to work not only on remakes, but also on completely new works.”

Persona 3 Reload
Development time and costs formed part of the reasoning for dropping the addition of FeMC in P3R.

Despite the news that FeMC won’t be joining her male counterpart in Persona 3 Reload, The Answer storyline from FES will give fans plenty to sink their teeth into. Wada promises the remake will feature a more “compact” playtime than the original.

Episode Aegis, the new DLC for Persona 3 Reload is set to drop in September 2024.