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Pro Fortnite Player Spots Details of Epic’s Esports Plans Ahead of E3 “Fortnite Champions Tour” *Update – Epic Deny Involvement*

Published: 12/Jun/2018 9:34 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:04

by Mike Kent


The anticipation is building in the Fortnite community about what exactly Epic Games has planned for their $100 million of promised prize money.

On Monday, June 11th the first bit of credible information was leaked online after a professional player spotted a truck roaming through California with a large sign emblazoned on it.

The popularity of Fortnite Battle Royale doesn’t appear to be waining after six months of impressive growth and with such a large fan base, the conversation is now shifting to how the game can work as an esport.

Epic Games announced in May that they’d be putting in $100 million into prize money for their popular title, but have kept quiet in the lead up to E3.

The annual gaming convention will host a huge Pro-Am Fortnite tournament featuring 50 professional players and streamers, and 50 celebrities who will team up to fight for the title. Epic Games are expected to announce their plans for their competitive season in close proximity to the tournament.

So what do they have planned? FaZe Clan Fortnite player and two time Friday Fortnite Champion, Dennis “Cloak” Lepore, shared an image on Twitter on June 11th.

The image featured a trailer with a logo that said ‘Fortnite Champions Tour’ and had the slogan ‘50 Cities.50 Sundays.’

Speculation has been rife among Fortnite fans about what exactly it could mean and whether it would be consecutive weeks or spread out across multiple years. Unfortunately, no further details have been released or spotted.


We were contacted by Epic Games PR to advise this has nothing to do with them.

Make sure you check out the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament for more details, which will take place from 3:30pm PST (6:30pm EST, 11:30pm BST) live from E3. Click here to find out everything you need to know about the event.


Epic confirms Fortnite x Marvel crossover will continue beyond Season 4

Published: 24/Oct/2020 6:20

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Fortnite and Marvel have crossed paths time and time again, and it looks like their integration won’t be slowing down any time soon after Epic Games’ Creative Director Donald Mustard confirmed they have content planned for “many years.”

Fortnite is the gift that keeps on giving, even after all these years. New seasons and chapters keep it fresh by adding content and ditching other bits and pieces to mix things up.

Typically, each one introduces a new storyline complete with events, map changes, and themes. Naturally, that means players also get their hands on new skins, vehicles, weapons, and more.

Fortnite has had a series of incredible crossovers along the way too, including integrations with Batman, John Wick, Star Wars, and Stranger Things, to name a few. However, none have come close to the sheer level of epicness as Fortnite x Marvel.

Fortnite x Marvel Epic Games
Epic Games / Marvel
Fortnite and Marvel have crossed paths many times before.

Marvel crashed its way into Fortnite back when Avengers: Infinity War released in cinemas. It happened again with Avengers: Endgame. Fortnite even found it’s way into the movie. And of course, it’s happening again right now.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, and one that fans of both franchises would love to see more of. Thankfully, their prayers have now been answered.

Fortnite X Marvel will happen for “many years”

Epic Games’ Creative Director Donald Mustard opened up about the crossovers between Fortnite and Marvel in the latest episode of the ‘This Week In Marvel’ podcast. He confirmed that the two worlds would collide for many years to come.

“This is just the start,” he said. “This is the start of lots of stuff we have planned for many years in this Marvel integration. Like, this is not the end. This is the beginning.”

You can listen to the full episode here. This quote and the discussion around it start at the 38:20 mark.

Fortnite x Marvel
Epic Games / Marvel
Donald Mustard confirmed Fortnite x Marvel crossovers will happen again.

Donald Mustard may have said too much

Many thought the current crossover could be the last. But thankfully, Donald Mustard himself confirmed that isn’t the case, although he says he might have “dropped too many hints” in his time on the podcast.

If you listen to the whole episode, you’ll realize how passionate he is about Marvel. He’s been a long time fan for many years, and being able to integrate his favorite characters into Fortnite has been a dream come true.

What’s more, he’s proud of the fact that Fortnite has become a part of the Marvel universe as well. For example, the Fortnite x Marvel Nexus War is canon. It’s even been published as an official comic.

Either way, it doesn’t matter whether you recognize it as official or not. Fortnite x Marvel has been a smash hit, and it’s here to stay.