Ninja explains why Apex Legends and Fortnite can’t be compared

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Popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has given his consensus on the Apex Legends vs Fortnite debate – and he has a surprising opinion on the matter.

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While Ninja is primarily known for playing popular battle royale game Fortnite, he, like many other streamers on the platform, has jumped into the recently released Apex Legends – but he doesn’t feel that the two titles can truly be compared.

Ninja explained his stance on the matter during a livestream on February 16, where he argued that neither game is “better” than the other.

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“It is not a question of Apex OR Fortnite,” Ninja said of the debate. “[It’s] Apex AND Fortnite. I know this is crazy, but you can like more than one thing, alright?”

While Ninja argued for the success of both games, he personally prefers Fortnite over Apex Legends, feeling that the former has more to offer than its newer counterpart.

EngadgetApex Legends broke massive records upon release, garnering over 10 million players in its first three days.
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“Fortnite, in my opinion, is just a better game, because I just love it,” Ninja continued. “…it offers more right now because of the cross-platform. You can play with friends from wherever you are.”

Ninja went on to explain that he is currently playing Apex Legends due to its status as a “fresh” release, while simultaneously having a blast with the new title – which garnered over ten million players in a mere three days after its initial release.

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Epic GamesWhile Fortnite continues to top Twitch’s charts for most viewed games, Apex Legends sits close behind.
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In fact, Apex Legends has grown so popular that Fortnite pro FaZe Tfue fears that streamers are leaving Fortnite behind in its wake (although Fortnite still takes the lead on Twitch, with a reported 26 million views over its rival).

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