FIFA 21 formation lets you “Gegenpress” like Jurgen Klopp’s Dortmund

Andrew Amos
Jurgen Klopp Gegenpressing FIFA 21

Want to pull out the iconic ‘Gegenpressing’ strategy in FIFA 21, just like Klopp did at Dortmund and Liverpool? You can, thanks to this mastermind guide that brings back the ‘Raumdeuter’ role to FIFA.

There’s no introduction needed to just how successful Klopp’s style of football has been. He has won numerous titles with Dortmund and Liverpool using the Gegenprsesing tactic, swarming opponents as they try to push the ball up the pitch.

It’s become a favorite of the footballing world, with some managers like Pep Guardiola putting their own spin on the aggressive pressing strategy.

However, Klopp’s take on the press, revolving around the ‘Raumdeuter’ role, popularized by Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller, isn’t something you can just turn on in FIFA 21.

One player though has gone to the great effort of finding the right tactics to get the Gegenpress going, and it’s as good in FIFA as it is in real life.

Thomas Müller pulled the strings as Bayern Munich's playmaker against Werder Bremen.
Muller made the ‘Raumdeuter’ role popular, but it’s never quite worked in FIFA.

How to emulate Klopp’s Gegenpress in FIFA 21: custom tactics

Reddit user /u/ynwaliv123 put together a guide to the 4-2-3-1 strategy that Klopp used during his time at Dortmund.

It integrates your full-backs into the attacks, puts your CDMs right in the opponent’s passing lines, and pushes your attackers back on the ball after losing it.

Defense tactics

  • Defensive Style: Press After Possession Loss
  • Width: 3 bars
  • Depth: 7 bars

Offence tactics

  • Offensive Style: Balanced
  • Width: 3 bars
  • Players In Box: 5 bars
  • Corners: 3 bars
  • Free Kicks: 3 bars

Player instructions

Position Instructions
ST Stay Central, Mixed Attack, Normal Interceptions, Basic Defensive Support
LAM Basic Defence Support, Get Into The Box, Free Roam, Normal Interceptions
CAM Come Back On Defence, Get Into The Box, Drift Wide, Normal Interceptions
RAM Come Back On Defence, Get Into The Box, Drift Wide, Normal Interceptions
LDM Cut Passing Lanes, Balanced Attack, Normal Interceptions, Cover Wing
RDM Cut Passing Lanes, Drop Between Defenders, Normal Interceptions, Cover Center
LB Join The Attack, Normal Interceptions, Overlap
CB Stay Back While Attacking, Normal Interceptions
RB Balanced Attack, Normal Interceptions, Overlap

While the tactics may not be for every player ⁠— and every squad ⁠— if you’re a fan of pressing football and have players with good work rates, you can probably find success with the Gegenpress in FIFA 21.

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