Escape from Tarkov

Summit1g reveals his ultimate Escape from Tarkov shotgun build

by Kamil Malinowski


Popular streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar revealed his shotgun loadout for Escape for Tarkov, sharing a perfect build for those wanting some close-quarters combat. 

Summit is one of the biggest Twitch streamers out there, boasting millions of followers and tens of thousands of viewers each broadcast.

He has recently fallen in love with Escape from Tarkov and can be found playing the game every day, often sharing tips and tricks with his viewers. One of these was the ultimate shotgun build for those who love the close-range weapon.

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Escape from Tarkov is a popular tactical First Person Shooter.


During a stream on Feb 12, the American decided to show off how he makes one of Tarkov’s weakest weapons work with some improvements thanks to his attachments.

“[My] shotgun build – MP-153, let’s get it open, edit pre-set… bam these she blows boys.” He said as he loaded up his weapon with a preferred set of attachments.

The build itself is quite impressive, with some of the best items being present. As the MP-153 is semi-automatic, Jaryd opted for the longest barrel (750 mm) and the Tromix Monster Claw 12ga muzzle brake to reduce recoil as much as possible. As well as pairing the Polymer handguard with an AGR-870 stock to maximize ergonomics – which lowers the time it takes to aim down sight.


To make aiming a bit easier, Summit has also gone for the fan-favorite PK-06 sight, as well as a Tactical Blue Laser for the moments when he has to hip fire.

Of course, you can’t complete the ultimate build without a magazine and Lazar has opted for the standard eight shell version, giving him a few more bullets to work with. Meanwhile, the rest of the slots make up various adapters that are needed to fit the attachments to the weapon.

For anyone wishing to try out shotguns, this build is probably your best bet and although it is a bit pricey, it’ll definitely be worth the cost.