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Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov devs respond to annoying “encryption library” error

Published: 26/Jun/2020 13:59 Updated: 26/Jun/2020 14:03

by Connor Bennett


Escape from Tarkov devs Battlestate Games have responded to the current “failed to load encryption library” problem that is plaguing the game, noting that they are working on a fix to get it sorted out.

As Escape From Tarkov has exploded in popularity, players have been flooding to Battlestate Games’ intense shooter and looter title in order to experience the mayhem for at least a few raids. 

Plenty have been bitten by the bug and stuck around, developing their hideouts and running riot on raids. Battlestate have been dropping numerous content updates – making changes to what players can sell to traders, what they can craft in their hideouts, and they’ve even revealed their highly anticipated streets of Tarkov map. 


Battlestate Games
The Tarkov devs are keeping their game fresh and addressing issues.

However, there have been problems. In recent weeks, the devs have had to tackle problems like menu lag, frame rate drops, and even a mass influx off hackers, but there is a new major issue rearing its head.

The “failed to load encryption library” issue prevents players from loading into the game, and on occasion, can completely crash it while midway through a raid. Though, the devs are working on a fix.

They confirmed as much via their Twitter on June 26, noting that it stems from an installation issue. The path to the game’s folder must only contain Latin characters, otherwise, the problem keeps cropping up.


To fix this, for now, you can rename the game folder/any folders that lead to the game folder which contains non-Latin characters and then reboot Tarkov. This should get you back into the game.

Of course, the devs are still working on a proper fix, but until that time comes, you will just have to follow the steps that they’ve outlined for now.

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