Escape from Tarkov devs are finally adding the Kriss Vector

Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov developers, Battlestate Games, has announced that the Kriss Vector submachine gun will be coming to the popular first-person MMO style game.

On April 13, Battlestate tweeted images of the unique-looking Vector and several different attachment options that would be available for players to kit it out.

Although we got a good look at the possible add ons for the weapon, there wasn’t much information about the in-game specs or when exactly we could see the weapon added.

Battlestate Games
The Kriss Vector definitely doesn’t look like any other weapon out there.

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Even though we don’t have any specifics yet on the Vector, since Battlestate likes to make their weapons as realistic as possible, we can get a good idea about the gun from it’s IRL specs.

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The weapon commonly uses 9×19 Parabellum rounds, which would make it use the same cartridges as the MP5, PP-9, or a number of other submachine guns in Tarkov.

This is somewhat good news since the 9×19 Parabellum is one of the most common, cheapest, and easily obtainable cartridge types in all of Tarkov.

It’s not the heaviest hitting round out there though, so if you intend on using the Vector to spray enemies, it might be worth going with the drum magazine, which was also teased in the promo images.

Battlestate Games
The Kriss Vector is capable of putting 1,200 rounds/min downrange IRL, so expect it to have a very high rate of fire in Tarkov as well.

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There are variants of the weapon that can use the heavier-hitting .45 ACP cartridges as well, and devs have hinted that a .45 version of the Kriss would be available. Whether or not players will have the option to switch out barrels to use the ammo of their choice though, remains to be seen.

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We also don’t have a price for the Kriss yet either, but since it’s a new weapon and generally considered to be on the upper end of the technological spectrum, it will probably be a bit more expensive than say a regular MP9 or MP5, for example.

Developers also didn’t mention a timeframe for when we could see the weapon added, but several players have speculated it could be coming along with the new “Streets of Tarkov” map, which is supposed to be arriving soon.

Battlestate Games
The upcoming Tarkov Streets location will feature a sprawling urban environment and possibly a few new weapons to play with as well.

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Streets of Tarkov has already been confirmed as the next new location coming to EFT by devs, but exactly when the new level will arrive remains to be seen.

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If the Kriss is set to come out with the new streets stage and is currently being teased though, we may not have very much longer to wait for some new Tarkov content after all.