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Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov devs are finally adding the Kriss Vector

Published: 13/Apr/2020 19:40 Updated: 13/Apr/2020 19:45

by Bill Cooney


Escape from Tarkov developers, Battlestate Games, has announced that the Kriss Vector submachine gun will be coming to the popular first-person MMO style game.

On April 13, Battlestate tweeted images of the unique-looking Vector and several different attachment options that would be available for players to kit it out.

Although we got a good look at the possible add ons for the weapon, there wasn’t much information about the in-game specs or when exactly we could see the weapon added.

Battlestate Games
The Kriss Vector definitely doesn’t look like any other weapon out there.

Even though we don’t have any specifics yet on the Vector, since Battlestate likes to make their weapons as realistic as possible, we can get a good idea about the gun from it’s IRL specs.

The weapon commonly uses 9×19 Parabellum rounds, which would make it use the same cartridges as the MP5, PP-9, or a number of other submachine guns in Tarkov.

This is somewhat good news since the 9×19 Parabellum is one of the most common, cheapest, and easily obtainable cartridge types in all of Tarkov.

It’s not the heaviest hitting round out there though, so if you intend on using the Vector to spray enemies, it might be worth going with the drum magazine, which was also teased in the promo images.

Battlestate Games
The Kriss Vector is capable of putting 1,200 rounds/min downrange IRL, so expect it to have a very high rate of fire in Tarkov as well.

There are variants of the weapon that can use the heavier-hitting .45 ACP cartridges as well, and devs have hinted that a .45 version of the Kriss would be available. Whether or not players will have the option to switch out barrels to use the ammo of their choice though, remains to be seen.

We also don’t have a price for the Kriss yet either, but since it’s a new weapon and generally considered to be on the upper end of the technological spectrum, it will probably be a bit more expensive than say a regular MP9 or MP5, for example.

Developers also didn’t mention a timeframe for when we could see the weapon added, but several players have speculated it could be coming along with the new “Streets of Tarkov” map, which is supposed to be arriving soon.

Battlestate Games
The upcoming Tarkov Streets location will feature a sprawling urban environment and possibly a few new weapons to play with as well.

Streets of Tarkov has already been confirmed as the next new location coming to EFT by devs, but exactly when the new level will arrive remains to be seen.

If the Kriss is set to come out with the new streets stage and is currently being teased though, we may not have very much longer to wait for some new Tarkov content after all.

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov patch 0.12.8 notes: Heavy Bleeding, SV-98 buffs, more

Published: 16/Oct/2020 7:31 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 7:47

by Brad Norton


After a decent break, Battlestate Games is back with a brand-new Escape from Tarkov patch and we’ve got a full rundown on the 0.12.8 update notes for you.

Fans have been anxiously waiting for the next big EFT update and the developers are coming through in a big way. The 12.8 update comes with dozens of major changes, a heap of new content, and plenty to sink your teeth into.

While the developers couldn’t quite get the patch live on time, we’re just hours away from the latest changes landing on the live serves.

You’ll be forced to change your playstyle and adapt to all-new gameplay mechanics. Make sure you’re fully brushed up on all the biggest additions before dropping in and being stumped. Here’s everything you need to know. 

EFT gameplay
Battlestate Games
A new shotgun is being added to the EFT weapon pool in this patch.

First and foremost, all-new content is coming in hot. There are multiple new skills, items, mechanics, consumables, and more. When it comes to new features, the new ‘heavy bleeding’ function might be the most important to take note of.

This addition requires a special treatment item in order to stop the bleeding. Additionally, if you have been hit with the effect, you’ll leave traces of blood.

Moreover, there’s a ton of new equipment to sort through as well. Clothes, weapons, and of course, what EFT patch would be complete without new weapon mods? On offer this time around is a new M45A1 pistol, a KS-23 Shotgun, along with an RFB Rifle.

Well over a dozen quality of life changes and bug fixes have also been highlighted in the patch notes. You’ll notice that the lobby screen will be clearer than ever before. You’ll be able to automatically arrange your stash with a new button. And you can accept invitations to join friends with greater ease.

EFT gameplay
Battlestate Games
You’ll need to get accustomed to a ton of new mechanics in this update.

Alongside all of the fresh content and overall improvements to the game, you’ll notice some adjustments under the hood as well.

Perhaps most notably, the SV-98 will no longer have a delay before pulling the trigger. This has long been a frustration among the community but it’s finally in the rearview mirror.

Be sure to read up on the full patch notes below so you don’t miss out on any of the key changes.

Escape from Tarkov patch 0.12.8 full notes


  • New skill “Сrafting”
  • New skill “Hideout management”
  • New special item Compass
    • The new item which will allow player to easily identify directions (azimuth) by pressing U key. This item will be equipped in the new unlootable slot (which means no one will be able to take your compass)
  • New type of bleeding – heavy bleeding
    • may open with a lower chance than a normal bleeding. Heavy bleeding requires special treatment items to stop (also some medical kits have the property of stopping heavy bleeding). The character with heavy bleeding leaves traces of blood on the surfaces.
  • New consumable items – Esmarch tourniquet, hemostatic syringe, kvass beverage
  • Fast backpack dump
    • the ability to quickly drop the backpack by double tapping the Z key
  • New third version of voice for BEAR
  • New faces and clothing for scavs
  • Voices of bosses (Glukhar, Sanitar and Reshala)
  • New character animations in the menu (on loading screen, in inventory, etc.).

New equipment:

  • New clothes for USEC and BEAR (tops and lowers)
  • New equipment (armored vest, chest rig, backpacks, headphones, helmets and berets)

New weapons and weapons parts:

  • М45А1 Pistol
  • KS-23 Shotgun
  • RFB Rifle
  • New mods for various weapons

Quality of Life changes:

  • Redesigned the group gathering screen in the lobby. Now you can see the character models of the group members with nicknames.
  • Added display of the object resource on the quick use panel
  • For mods, weapons, items moved by the mouse (drag’n’drop), added highlight of weapons, slots and mods where they fit (green – can be placed inside, yellow – can be combined / installed)
  • Option in the game settings – selection of the body parts color in the upper left UI element (a variant corresponding to the colors from the inventory on the “Health” tab and the old variant – red monochrome)
  • Options in the game settings to select the principle of displaying the combat interface elements (automatically hide or always show – quick access zone, endurance zone and the current stance and the current health state of body parts, all can be configured separately)
  • Added an ammo loading menu in the context menu of magazines in the stash
  • At the flea market, when buying more items than are left on sale, the remaining available quantity is bought
  • Automatic sorting of character’s stash, any containers, backpacks, etc. by “sort” button
  • On the preset or customization screen, the characteristics of the weapon in the characteristics window now change when pointing to the mod to be installed
  • In the kill list after the raid the field “distance” (showing the distance of the fatal shot) was added.
  • When you exit the game, we added a warning that the generator is on.
  • Added a counter for ready items after crafting in the hideout in the lower menu
  • At a flea market, current flea market filters are no longer applied to your list of offers and your wish list.
  • Sorting goods by category is now reset when moving between merchants
  • Width of scrollbar in the stash, merchants’ assortment increased
  • Added a hot key to unload the chamber CTRL+R.
  • Added a hot key to re-chamber ALT+R
  • Sent friend requests can now be cancelled
  • Added “accept all invitations” button
  • After death on the post-raid statistics screen, your character is now displayed in the equipment in which he was killed.
  • If the weapon has no magazine and there is no cartridge in the chamber, then by pressing the reload, the cartridge is now charged into the chamber (if there is a bunch of rounds in the pockets or vest).
  • Outside the raid, the stash can now be opened and closed by pressing the TAB hotkey.
  • Added display of “found in raid” status icon for canisters in the hideout generator area (if the canister is “found in raid”)
  • Now the “Empty” button is displayed as the last item in the drop-down menu of the canister selection for the Generator
  • Now the treatment at the therapist will be free of charge first 5 levels of character


  • Iteration of animation system optimization
  • Optimizing the work of AI on the server
  • High Quality Color option (enabled by default, disabling can give a small performance gain at the expense of image quality)
  • Different shader optimizations

AI improvements

  • Added weapon swaying in bots movements
  • Improved phrases for the attack by scav bots players
  • The bots now respond to the player scav “Follow me” gesture
  • Fixed bot behavior in combat when its target is outside the door
  • Fixed bug when Killa boss reacted incorrectly to smoke
  • Improved automatic cover search system
  • Fixed one of the bugs, from which a player scav could not become an enemy for raiders in reserve bunkers.
  • Fixed one of the bugs that caused bots to pass through closed doors
  • Bots now respond to the sound of approaching behind their backs
  • Fixed bug when bot ignored player after blinding.
  • Fixed a bug when a bot did not react to shooting at it through a masking net
  • Raiders now attack the regular scavs
  • Bots now respond to BEAR, USEC fractions with appropriate phrases
  • Bots can now react to the sound of a knocked down door
  • Fixed a bug when killing guards did not change the role of left alive bots


  • Desync of on/off status of the flashlight
  • Bug, when the items of the killed PMC character had the “found in the raid” status for the scav character of the same PMC player, in the same session
  • A series of bugs with the ability of the character to look through the walls
  • A series of bugs with invisible characters after spawning
  • Bug with missing display of the list of weapon presets
  • Setting and removing mods now resets sight mode (to correct a bug with aiming without image in lens)
  • Bug of no animation for picking objects from a third person view
  • Error 228, when special characters were used to name a preset
  • A bug with the blocking of further use of context voice lines, if you open the inventory during the sounding phrase
  • Bug, when on the items selection window for weapon crafting in the hideout, offered parts were already installed on the weapon
  • Bug, when the effect of “painkillers” or “stimulants” was removed earlier than the shown time
  • Bug, when the inventory broke down and caused an error, if in raid you removed weapons through Del key
  • Bug, when the explosion of frag grenades did not impose a contusion effect
  • Bug, when the gun stopped firing in automatic mode, if you start to quickly press the fire button before holding it
  • A bug, when the state of the stock fold was desynchronised , if an operation with the stock was performed during the operation with the object
  • Different bugs leading to a close enemy spawn
  • Bug, when the message counter increased by the number of unread messages when a new message was received after a raid
  • Tooltips and UI objects hanging in the interface
  • Bug when the image froze in the optics after using a thermal imaging device
  • Different bugs related to the ability to move items from not fully searched vests, backpacks, etc.
  • Desync of the price of quick health treatment
  • Bug with duplicate of Prapors’ portrait in merchant menu
  • Fixed the duplicate image effect with heat haze effect
  • Bugs related to switching views to the hideout when the NVG on character is on
  • Error related to quick treatment when entering the Hideout
  • Bug, when the body took a static ragdoll position before touching the ground (problem with bodies hanging in the air)
  • Bug when the player would not receive the group status in the lobby
  • Bug when the resolution of the screen would not change after changing the screen mode
  • Bug, when you could open context menu in the window of item transfer
  • Error spam after suicide with a grenade, related to decal rendering
  • Bug, when jump action was in actions queue, if player tried to initiate jump, while laying down
  • Bug, when standing level didn’t decrease after quest fail
  • Bug of cycled animation, when installing weapon modifications while reloading
  • Bug, when healing wasn’t interrupted during load / unload of a magazine
  • Bug of healing animation getting stuck, while installing weapon modifications via DragNDrop
  • Bug of inability to unload a magazine, which was in the magazine case
  • Disabling buttons of installing and uninstalling video cards to a bitcoin farm, during sending of query related to interaction with them
  • Various fixes and visual improvements of interfaces
  • Bug, when changes to marker on a map were not saved
  • Bug, when game client was unable to close after 601 backend error for online and offline raids
  • Many different fixes on locations
  • Various fixes related to rain and soaking of surfaces
  • Various fixes for backend, related to increase the backend and overall game stability
  • Bug, when armor didn’t receive any damage from explosions of AGS and FN GL40 grenades
  • Delay before pulling the trigger of SV-98
  • Fixes related to delayed actions on the lobby screen when gathering a group
  • Bugs with the elite level of Vitality and Attention skills
  • Various fixes of minor bugs and errors


  • Stims and medical items now can remove contusion effect
  • Skills that require body hit to progress are not going to be progressed with your party members
  • When character is blind by flashbang, he will always reload with mag drop
  • Decreased damage radius of FN-GL40 grenades
  • Increased armor piercing of 7.62x25mm TT ammo
  • PC blocks now spawn ssd and sas drives, various big containers – various equipment – vests, backpacks etc. (in addition to existing loot)
  • Big plastic containers now spawn more items in general
  • Minor changes to AI scav loadouts
  • Increased fall damage
  • In the quest line The Tarkov shooter player now can use any bolt action rifle
  • Quest to unlock trader “Jeager” is now available after accepting of “Gunsmith 1” quest. Requirements for quest “Gunsmith 1” lowered to level 2
  • Reworked player spawn points at Reserve base location
  • Scav players spawn at the Reserve location is made later in time
  • Reduced the traders restock timer to about 2 hours (it was once every 3 hours)