Dr Disrespect rages about the one thing he hates in Escape from Tarkov

DrDisrespect/Battlestate Games

Twitch star Dr Disrespect has revealed the one thing he really hates about Escape from Tarkov, and it’s no surprise that it goes against his violence, speed, and momentum mantra.

Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov dominated Twitch at the end of December and into early January, as the developers enabled in-game rewards for watching streamers play the incredibly intense first-person shooter.

While its popularity may have dropped off slightly, streamers like Dr Disrespect have been hooked – leaving the games they usually play in favor of sticking with Tarkov. Though, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows for the hugely popular streamer, running into problems while teaming with others and trying to conquer the game alone. 

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Exit camping in Escape from Tarkov with a sniper rifle on top of a roofBattlestate Games
Many Escape from Tarkov players hide in the shadows.

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During a recent run-through, the Two-Time teamed up with Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar but found himself unable to escape with some loot after being killed by an extremely passive player who using the darkness to their advantage.

Seeing as The Doc is all about aggression and taking on players who aren’t afraid to fight back, dying to someone playing like this really set him off as he mocked the “95%” of players who don’t really want to go head-to-head with him. 

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“There are a lot of you that I absolutely despise and I hate because you sit in your little corners, you ADS your little goddamn f**king tarps because you got everything memorized, right,” Dr Disrespect called out. “You got no guts. I’m pushing people with pistols and they’re backpedaling – they’re tippy tap toeing backpedaling while I’m pushing them with pistols. This f**king game man, its the only thing.”

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Despite his complaints, which might be well-founded in his mind, Tarkov does play right into the hands of players who want to pick enemies off with relative ease.

Maybe, just maybe, it could be time to slow down a little and embrace the slowness. After all, violence, speed, and momentum will only get you so far when you’re fighting against the unknown.

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