Clever Escape from Tarkov trick to level up faster with no therapist

Connor Bennett
Battlestate Games

Escape From Tarkov players have come up with a clever tip that allows you to level up faster so long as you avoid using the Therapist service after a raid. 

Back in the 12.5 update, Battlestate Games gave Escape from Tarkov fans the chance to immediately heal their character once a raid had come to an end thanks to the all-new Therapist service. 

With players just wanting to speed things up, the Therapist service had become well-used prior to the May 28 character wipe. However, some players have pointed out that you could be leaving some serious XP on the table by using the Therapist over your own healing items.

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Battlestate Games
Tarkov players are looking to level up faster following the recent wipe.

It was noted by Reddit user Gopblin2 that Escape from Tarkov players who dive into the Therapist as soon as a raid has finished could be losing more than 300 XP each time they do so. 

In the Redditor’s example, they said that if you finish three raids just over 1000 XP each time and a 33% survival rate, you’d finish with around 3000 XP by using the Therapist. By avoiding the Therapist and using your healing items, in this example, you’d finish with more than a 20% increase in XP according to Gopblin2.

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Obviously, some fans might see the Therapist as a cheaper way to heal than using items, but other players revealed that actually isn’t the case. You can buy items like the Grizzly First Aid kit and use it more often in a more cost-effective manner.

By using healing items, you’ll also level up your healing skill whereas using the Therapist service won’t help you at all in that category. 

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Seeing as Escape from Tarkov can be quite the grind, some players won’t be bothered all that much by slight XP increase as it will really only help to get through the first 15 levels or so. 

Though, that can easily start snowballing once you reach those sort of levels as you’ll find yourself with more gear and more in-game experience to take on players who might not be at the same rank.