xQc streams first gym session on Twitch, leaves his chat in hysterics - Dexerto

xQc streams first gym session on Twitch, leaves his chat in hysterics

Published: 11/Feb/2019 12:48 Updated: 11/Feb/2019 17:31

by Connor Bennett


Félix ‘Overwatch pro had promised his fans a stream from his time in the gym – and the end result of his first session ended in some hilarious viewing for his fans as he tackled his way through some physical trials alongside a personal trainer – with a friend capturing his every struggle.

While plenty of his fans were supportive in his efforts, it didn’t stop other viewers poking fun at him as he tried to complete his workout.

BlizzardxQc regularly talks about ‘the juice’ – but his gym session was all natural.

Everything started well for the streamer as he entered the session and struck some classic poses for his fans before completing a warm-up with ease. However, as soon as he moved on to more physically demanding exercises, injuries became a problem.


Trying to complete exercises, xQc talked about hurting his knee and having “weak” legs. He eventually gave in, sat down and discussed even more injuries – moving up to the upper body before stretching to try and relieve some of his pain.

Lengyel battled on to complete more trials, and after moving on to pushing a weight sled the former Overwatch pro bundled himself up in a corner before adding more weight and repeating his sets.

That also became too much for him as he stopped, sat right on the floor and tried to compose himself while clearly in pain.

Following a short break, xQc cut a pull-up exercise short and told his trainer that he felt dizzy and had concerns about passing out – so they stopped, again allowing the streamer to try and catch his breath.


However, he got no sympathy from his viewers – with plenty of laughing spam being sent his way as he was continued talking to the camera about his struggles. 

Despite his many injuries and vocal complaining, the former Overwatch pro completed his session with many fans giving him props for following through on his promise and not quitting – something that is especially commendable considering how brutal the first workout was for a gym novice.

However, after seeing his ongoing struggles for two-hours, xQc may decide against trying to get ‘swole’ and perhaps turn his attention back to working on his gaming skills.


While the first workout was an intense one – and provided some laughs for viewers – a more tailored plan for a beginner is likely to be preferable in the future.