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xQc left speechless by insane Apex Legends flying glitch

Published: 24/Feb/2019 14:38 Updated: 24/Feb/2019 14:47

by Connor Bennett


It takes something quite special to leave popular Twitch streamer Félix ‘Apex Legends.

The former Overwatch League pro has become a huge name on the streaming platform since making the switch.

Fans regularly tune in for his hilarious outbursts which are usually aimed towards them, his friends and his opponents. However, he surprisingly couldn’t come up with any words for witnessing what he believed to be a cheater in Apex Legends – leaving his viewers with another hilarious highlight clip.

Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentxQc has skyrocketed up the Twitch charts since becoming a streamer.

xQc had already been eliminated from the game but instead of leaving, he stayed in the game to a view an enemy. “I’m pretty sure he’s cheating,” he told his chat before the opposing player bounced off the ground and flew across the map.


That left the streamer completely stunned and speechless, as he could only muster up a hilarious gasp while watching on. After a few moments, xQc turned to look towards his camera with the disbelief still written all over his face. However, one of xQc’s teammates chimed in, saying “He just did the glitch!.”

When he was finally able to speak again, xQc immediately shouted: “That was crazy! Dude, that was crazy. I know it’s a glitch but that was really well done – that was perfect.”

Respawn Entertainment claim to have banned over 16,000 cheaters since the game’s release on February 4, but they have to look into fixing this particular glitch to avoid any potential wrongful cheating bans.