What happened to Sabrina Tavares de Almeida’s grave? Grave-robbing controversy explained

Christy Mathew

Sabrina Tavares de Almeida’s grave was disarrayed as her head was reportedly stolen, after the 31-year-old was killed in August 2022.

The victim’s body was buried in Brazil’s Ria at Iguaçu Velho Cemetery. The administrator at the cemetery reported the incident to the police.

He explained that in addition to charred objects at the scene, there was also a ceramic bowl, bottles, papers, and an earthenware bowl in place of the head. Authorities suspect that it might be part of a black magic ritual.

The administrator also told the police that there was a hole where her head used to be, which led him to call his colleagues and dig up the grave.

They said they found “an earthenware bowl used for rituals with objects inside where the head used to be.” The administrator added that he did not see any unusual activity near the cemetery when the crime would have been committed.

He explained, “We discovered that a blunt object had damaged the concrete cap.”


As per criminal expert, Fábio Barbosa Teixeira, “The head of the victim had been removed from the wooden casket within the tomb.”

The expert also thinks that it is unrelated to Almeida’s murder and that the people who robbed her grave might be black magic practitioners. Police are still investigating the incident.

What happened with Sabrina Tavares de Almeida?

Sabrina was shot and killed on August 12, 2022, at her house, where she stayed with her mother, when it was broken into. She was shot in the back while her mother was shot in the leg but survived after playing dead.

The reason for this attack is still unknown, as the gunman shot them and left without committing any other crimes.

However, the police identified the shooter to be Mateus da Silva Osório Ferreira. Sabrina was married to this shooter’s brother, who had died, making her the only one to inherit his house after his death.

Mateus, the shooter, was detained and charged with attempted murder as well as murder.