Twitch’s CEO goes live and impresses viewers with his musical abilities

Dylan Horetski
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Twitch CEO Dan Clancy went live on the platform to play music and sing, leaving his viewers impressed.

Back in March, Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear resigned as CEO after 16 years of running the popular livestreaming site.

Twitch’s then-president Dan Clancy took over Shear’s role on the same day and has been running the Amazon-owned platform since.

On May 10, Clancy went live on his Twitch channel to play music and sing classic songs, leaving many of his viewers impressed with his abilities.

Dan Clancy goes live to show off musical abilities

During the broadcast, Dan Clancy broke out his keyboard and microphone to sing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

According to TwitchTracker, the stream’s peak viewer count was 157, and 159 people followed him throughout the three hours he was live.

Since the broadcast ended, a clip of Clancy singing the popular song has been viewed over 30,000 times.

The clip quickly surfaced on Reddit, and fans were sure to share their thoughts about Dan Clancy’s musical broadcast.

“Say what you will about Twitch, this guy is already 100x better than Emmet Shear,” one user replied.

Another said: “There’s something endearing to this guy being the CEO and streaming to 50 people.”

The song has been quite popular over the last few years, with it being used in over 300k videos on TikTok as well as the trailer for Fallout 76.

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