Twitch streamer Mayahiga grosses out viewers by eating glue

Mayahiga - Twitch

A seemingly harmless arts-and-crafts stream on Twitch suddenly took a bizarre turn as the host streamer decided it would be a good idea to eat some glue. 

As much as it has become one of the most prominent hubs for online entertainment, Twitch has also featured more than its fair share of weird and awkward content.

The latest example of this comes courtesy of Just Chatting streamer Maya Higa, who thought it would be a good idea to see what glue tasted like while streaming live.

Mayahiga - InstagramMayahiga is one of the most subscribed-to affiliates on Twitch.

During the middle of her arts-and-crafts stream in celebration of Independence Day, Maya was asked by someone she was on a call with if she had ever tried Elmer’s brand glue.

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Without giving it a second thought, the streamer pulled out some glue and put a very small amount on the tip of her tongue, saying “not until now.”

While it’s unclear why she thought it would be a good idea to taste the substance, what became immediately apparent was that she did not enjoy the experience one bit, as she quickly tried to get it out of her mouth using toilet paper and water.

“It’s on the roof of my mouth, ew,” she said, barely keeping her facial expressions straight.

While her actions likely won’t get her in trouble with Twitch, they certainly won’t help her in the long run, when it comes to her career as a streamer.

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Mayahiga, who has had over 2,500 subscribers at one point, has found it surprisingly difficult to get partnered on the platform in the past, and eating glue doesn’t seem like it will be the key to earning her a promotion.

Maya claims that Twitch keeps denying her a partnership because her content is “too reactionary.”

For now, she remains as one of the most subscribed-to affiliates on Twitch, and there’s really no telling when, or if, she’ll eventually get that partner status.