Twitch streamer Mayahiga explains why she treats viewers differently now

Twitch: Mayahiga

Just Chatting star Maya Higa has explained why she believes some streamers seem more ‘jaded’ as their fanbase and audience continue to grow on Twitch‘s broadcasting platform.

The self-titled ‘conservation enthusiast’ recently hit the 100,000 follower milestone, gathering her major following through Just Chatting streams where she would talk to her chat about anything and everything.

One loyal fan took the chance to highlight some of the differences between Maya when she was still just starting out compared to her on-screen persona since the growth of her fanbase.

The comparison video, posted on the star’s dedicated subreddit, first showed Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo laughing at Higa after she thanked a fan with just one viewer for hosting her channel. Maya explained that all hosts deserved thanks because it took time to set up.

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The next clip of Maya saw her speaking to a fan named ‘Killjinfordj’, who had just paid to re-subscribe to her channel recently: “Nice Kill. Congratulations, you’re a sub, you f*cking simp.”

The streamer watched the multi-clip video of herself on her September 24 stream, hours after celebrating her 100k achievement. When she arrived at the moment where she dubbed one of her viewers a “simp,” she lost it, laughing uncontrollably.

Once the star composed herself, Higa took the time to try and explain to her viewers why her – and many streamers like her – seem to change over time as their audience and followers grow into the hundreds of thousands and beyond.

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According to the Just Chatting personality, it’s not necessarily that they’re less interested, or feel like they’re better than their chat. Instead, it’s often the case that streamers become more comfortable on-screen, meaning their true personalities come to the fore.

“I really have changed a lot. I’ve talked about this before, me changing is the same as me changing in real life with people that I don’t know. I’m way nicer, and way more friendly, and not dry, with people that I don’t know very well, right?” she explained.

“Then, once I get to know them I’m more of an a**hole because you know how much your friends can take. It feels like I know you guys better, and I’m way more comfortable.”

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It is no small surprise if streamers become more jaded over time too, especially when they’re constantly battling against toxicity in their chat and online. Maya was subject to abuse just this week, with a donator telling her she was “deformed” and should get a boob job.

Other streamers regularly deal with other difficult situations too. Michael ‘shroud’ Grzeciek was left shocked recently after a WoW Classic player delivered a tirade of racist abuse, while Just Chatting streamer Katerino was hit by an odd request through her Instagram DMs.