TrueGeordie Rages at Boxing Fans Who Complain About the KSI vs Logan Paul Fight - Dexerto

TrueGeordie Rages at Boxing Fans Who Complain About the KSI vs Logan Paul Fight

Published: 1/Sep/2018 3:14 Updated: 1/Sep/2018 3:31

by Vincent Genova


TrueGeordie is tired of hearing boxing fans complain about the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match.

He aired his frustrations in a new video that defends what the YouTubers were able to accomplish.

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Some boxing fans were upset that two untrained fighters in KSI and Paul received so much attention for their fight.

TrueGeordie believes that boxing followers are upset due to jealousy

The only reason boxing fans are genuinely getting annoyed is because that event has done better, and will do better, than most actual boxing events.

He does agree that YouTubers out selling real boxers is an issue, but the blame is being misplaced.

That shouldn’t be a knock on the YouTubers, that shouldn’t be a knock on the fact that they don’t know what they’re doing, they’re not real boxers… That should be a knock on actual boxing promoters and boxers.

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KSI vs Logan Paul should not bother boxing fans, according to TrueGeordie, but they should even look at the event as a positive.

These YouTube boxers are getting more young eyes watching boxing than any boxing event in the last 10 years. I mean, that is the demographic that boxing is struggling to get more and more… so boxing fans should be grateful for [KSI vs Paul] because young YouTube fans will be watching and thinking, ‘this is entertaining and these guys aren’t even professionals.’

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TrueGeordie became a major figure in the YouTube KSI vs Paul fight after he moderated the contentious UK press conference.

He interviewed both YouTubers on his channel and gained almost 300,000 subscribers in the lead up to the fight.

For the complete video, which includes his views in Logan Paul fighting in the UFC, check out the video below.