TikToker reveals how she “manifested” role as Zayn Malik’s love interest in new music video

Meera Jacka
TikToker reveals how she manifested role as Zayn Malik's love interest in new music video

Ever daydreamed about being asked to work alongside your favorite celebrity? Well, one TikToker’s 15-year-old dreams came true after she was asked to appear as Zayn Malik’s main love interest for a music video.

Grace Dumdaw, who goes by ‘Grumdaw’ online, is an upcoming actress and musician — and a former self-described “deranged” fangirl of Zayn Malik.

Posting to TikTok, Grumdaw shared previous posts she’d made about the British singer when she was 15, in which she gushed about his apparently infinite beauty.

And it seems those posts paid off, “manifesting” a future in which Grumdaw had the opportunity to play Zayn’s love interest in his new music video.

“POV: You went from being a deranged fangirl at 15 to being Zayn’s lead love interest in his [music video] and getting posted on his [Instagram],” Grumdaw posted on TikTok.

That’s right — not only did Grumdaw star alongside Zayn in his music video, but he even shared one of her TikToks on his Instagram account.

Grumdaw also revealed that she didn’t have to audition for her role in the music video, with the directors reaching out to her instead. She advised her followers, “You never know who’s watching — dream big, work hard, [and] put yourself out there.”

Grumdaw’s video was showered with love and support, with many claiming she had manifested the opportunity.

“Need your manifestation routine,” one person commented. Grumdaw replied, explaining “I have an absurd amount of people praying for me and rooting for me, [especially] back home in Myanmar & Kachin.”

Another said, “I’m going to stay delusional so this can happen to me.”

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