Teacher goes viral after revealing name she has trouble pronouncing

Liam Ho
devindennisxoxo on TikTokTikTok: devindennisxoxo

A teacher has gone viral on TikTok after revealing a name that she has trouble pronouncing, with many agreeing it’s for good reason.

Being a teacher can be tough. From the long hours to the pay, to dealing with kids of all ages and from various backgrounds, it’s far from the easiest line of work. Of course, you get the joy of shaping future generations, and really getting to know and care for your students, which can make the role incredibly rewarding.

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Dedicated teachers will often remember students just by name, as well as various facts or tidbits about them, showing their care.

This can be pretty difficult though, as some students can have difficult names to remember or pronounce. That’s exactly what happened to one teacher, who went viral for sharing a name of a student that they couldn’t pronounce.

TikToker devindennisxoxo was asked about trashy baby names and their response truly shocked the internet. Devin explained that they were a teacher, so they would often meet new children with strange and unique names. However, they could easily recall the most interesting name they’d heard.

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Devin revealed the name ‘La/a,’ and expressed their confusion.

“I’ll ask you again, if you know it, no you don’t. How do you think you say that name?”

“Okay, so I look at it for a long time, you like I got it. I got it. Leia.”

Devin then called La/a’s parents, ready to correctly pronounce their child’s name. Unfortunately, this wasn’t quite the case.

“Yeah, it’s Le Dasha. That dash ain’t silent,” the TikToker held for a second. “Because in what world and time has a dash not been silent?”

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The TikTok is captioned with utter disbelief, with Devin stating “I’m just a dance teacher, what do you want from me?”

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