Smash Ultimate pro Elegant accused of sexual misconduct and urinating on friend

Eleni Thomas
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Smash Ultimate pro Elegant has been accused of sexual misconduct, followed by another accusation by a friend that she was sexually harassed and urinated on by him a year ago.

Matt Fitzpatrick, also known as Elegant, has been accused of inappropriate touching and sexual advances towards a woman, while intoxicated. After Collision, Shannon has come out and spoken about how the incident made her uncomfortable and that Elegant was extremely drunk.

Various people who were present have also begun sharing screenshots of conversations from the night and the day after, in which a recounting of Elegant’s behavior is discussed.

Twitch streamer Sailor Magatron shared conversations between herself, Genesis and LTC, all of which allege Elegant acting in an aggressive and “obnoxious” manner. Sailor Magatron wrote in one of her messages that he had “acted a total fool and overstepped his boundaries in front of everyone.” Others have also stated that on this same night, Elegant was nearly “thrown out of Port 6 for being obnoxiously drunk” and that he was seen “pestering a minor.”

And while people have been commenting online asking why this has all gone public, those involved claim that they tried handling the matter in private but that nothing ultimately came from that approach.

Elegant had addressed the situation that transpired between himself and Shannon, confirming in a letter on TwitLonger that the two did “have sex.” He then goes on to admit that he does not remember certain parts of the night but confirms he was drinking alcohol over the weekend. At the end of the message he admits, “I do need to be held more accountable for my behavior while drinking and honestly won’t drink again at a Smash event after this.”

Following the allegations about Elegant’s actions over the weekend, Twitch streamer and fellow Smash Ultimate player KayJetshadow made further public accusations, alleging that she faced unwanted sexual advancements and harassement from Elegant a year ago.

On September 7, KayJetshadow posted a TwitLonger detailing her encounter with Elegant. In the letter, she says the two had been speaking online and struck up a friendship which then led to Elegant flying over to visit her in Texas.

“He flew into town to ‘visit Texas’ and the SA area. I helped him find an Airbnb and I think even helped him pay for it? Don’t quote me on that. It’s a bit fuzzy. I was excited to hang with him. I’m not sure what I expected with a smasher and ‘normal conversations’ but the atmosphere was a bit awkward.”

KayJetshadow goes on to talk about the first four days spent together while Elegant was visiting. “I was his escort everywhere for four days. We actually slept in the same air bnb a night or two. Nothing happened whatsoever. He was respectful of boundaries and so was I.”

When KayJetshadow had other plans for the day, she asked her Smash Bros friends to hang out with Elegant while she was out. When spending time with her friends, Elegant apparently got so drunk that KayJetshadow had to drive and pick him up from her friend’s house. After picking him up, she says she brought him back to her parents’ house, by which point he was “drunk beyond consciousness.”

When sleeping, KayJetshadow awoke to Elegant allegedly in bed with her, his genitalia out and urinating on her and the bed. KayJetShadow claims she had to forcefully push him away from her, as he was still intoxicated at the time. Elegant was dropped off at the airport a day early and sent KayJetshadow $600 after finding out that her mattress was ruined, according to the TwitLonger.

At the end of her letter, KayJetshadow writes, “I’m above this drama and shit now. But he needs to be humbled. Alcoholism is not a joke. You can be a binge drinker alcoholic and that’s what it is. He needs help.” She does add at the end how Elegant is a good person when he thinks clearly. But he needs help when it comes to drinking. This incident is absolutely disgusting.”

Elegant is yet to publicly comment on these allegations.

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