Police called after Twitch streamer argues with girlfriend about cheating on each other

FemaleFirst / NY Post, Shutterstock

Popular Runescape streamer ‘A Friend’ recorded an interaction with police during a live broadcast, following an explosive argument with his now ex-girlfriend.

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A clip from A Friend’s stream shows his girlfriend loudly speaking into the microphone about him seeing other women, after which he accuses her of sleeping with another man.

“So you wanted me, while you’re jacking someone else off?” he asked, causing her to place her hands over her face out of apparent frustration.

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According to comments underneath a Reddit post of the altercation, A Friend’s girlfriend had lied about taking birth control pills during their relationship – and even got pregnant, claiming that “at least I’ll have something from you if we break up.”

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She unplugged the ethernet cable and called law enforcement following their argument, who told A Friend during questioning that she claimed he’d hit her.

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“We got a call that you hurt her,” an officer can be heard saying just off-camera in another clip of the incident.

“I hurt her?” A Friend asked. “I physically hurt her,” he continued, looking to his camera to confirm the incredulity of the situation, as no violence was recorded during the stream.

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That’s not all; A Friend later created a Straw Poll on the subject, asking his stream if he should stay with his girlfriend or break up.

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Needless to say, a whopping 88% of voters felt that he should leave the relationship after witnessing the altercation.