Ninja’s mods will now ban you for saying a certain phrase about Fortnite

Ross Deason

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is fed up with reading negative comments about his favorite game, Fortnite Battle Royale, in his Twitch chat.

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The former professional Halo player and current king of Twitch saw his popularity skyrocket in early 2018 along with the Fortnite, a game that has quite literally taken over the world.

With significantly more followers and subscribers than any other streamer on Twitch, Ninja’s Twitch chat is almost impossible to keep up with when it isn’t in sub mode.

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However, the charismatic 27-year-old has started to pick up on one particular phrase that keeps showing up, and now he’s instructed his mods to ban anyone that says that Fortnite is dying.

“Hey mods, from now on we full blown ban anyone that says that Fortnite is dead,” the Twitch star said when he noticed how many people were saying it. “Little kids spreading toxicity because they think it’s the cool thing to do,” he continued.

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Ninja went on to say “If you wanna stop playing Fortnite man, because you’re not having fun with it anymore, good. Go watch someone else, go play another game, don’t spread that toxicity and your negative opinion in my chat.”

The popular streamer explained that he still enjoys the game every day, saying “there hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t enjoyed the game,” and that the reason that he is getting so annoyed is because “it’s straight false” and the game had more players in August than ever before.