Here’s why the ACE Family are taking a break from YouTube

David Purcell

The ACE Family has announced that they will be taking a break from creating videos for their popular YouTube channel in order to improve their content in the future. 

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz made the announcement during a video posted to YouTube on January 28, explaining to fans the reasons behind their decision. 

While the news might sadden some fans of the ACE Family, the pair also revealed an exciting new project that they can look forward to. 

The ACE Family has over 15 million subscribers on YouTube, at the time of writing.

“We will be taking a break from YouTube” Catherine Paiz revealed, with a smile on her face. “A lot of the time when you guys watch television, for instance, there are seasons. People film for a season and then they’ll take a break.” 

The ACE Family haven’t took a break from creating content since their house was broken into back in August of last year, and will be using the time to focus on making their output better in the future. There is no set date for their return as of yet. 

“With that being said, during our break – which is why we said it wouldn’t really be a break – we’ll be focusing on our app and our merch” Austin McBroom added. 

They also revealed that they would be releasing a documentary, which has been kept under wraps for quite some time. 

For those wondering as to why they’ve been tweeting about February 23rd for quite some time, they revealed that it will be the release date of their upcoming docuseries. A trailer is set to land on their YouTube channel for that sometime in the near future. 

“The reason why we filmed the ACE Family documentary to begin with is to show you guys what really goes on behind the camera” McBroom said. 

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