CouRage gets interrogated by 10-year-old's mother during hilarious Fortnite stream - Dexerto

CouRage gets interrogated by 10-year-old’s mother during hilarious Fortnite stream

Published: 5/Nov/2018 16:29 Updated: 5/Nov/2018 23:13

by Ross Deason


Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will know who the OpTic man is, as he found out during a recent game of Fortnite!

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Fellow Twitch streamer Avalanche surprised two young players on November 4 by getting CouRage into a game of Fortnite with them, something that resulted in the two fans losing their minds entirely.

Unfortunately for CouRage, the mother of one of those players was more than a little bit suspicious of his actions and decided to interrogate him about his intentions!

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“Okay, and, uh, do you usually play with boys this age?” she asked after a brief introduction between herself and Jack. “Do you know how old they are?”

“Oh, hey, listen, they watch my videos. I joined in to surprise them, and the next thing you know, you know, and now we’re here playing,” replied a clearly flustered CouRage!

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“And do you usually surprise boys this age?” the mother responded, continuing her interrogation of the OpTic man.

“No, hey, he can leave if you don’t understand what the scenario is,” stammered CouRage as Avalanche struggled to stifle his giggles.


“Well my son is very happy that you are playing with him, but I’d like to know if you do this often…” continued the child’s mother before CouRage finally managed to pacify her by explaining his occupation as a YouTuber.

The former Call of Duty commentator has seen his popularity skyrocket since switching to the role of a full-time streamer and content creator for OpTic Gaming, concentrating most of his efforts on the incredibly popular Fortnite Battle Royale.

With almost 1 million followers on Twitch and over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube, it’s far to say that CouRage is fairly well known in the gaming and streaming community. However, that doesn’t mean the parents of his fans will always recognise him!


While this particular situation was hilarious, there have been examples of young players being exploited in video games in the past. With that in mind, parents keeping an eye on who their children are interacting with online should be commended.