Could we see another Shane Dawson docuseries over Jake Paul?

Virginia Glaze
Shane Dawson - YouTube

YouTuber Shane Dawson may have hinted at a future project, thanks to Jake Paul and Erika Costell’s not-so-recent split.

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Dawson posted a Tweet in response to Paul’s announcement of his breakup, where he jokingly teased that he might create yet another episode for his eight-part documentary series over the YouTuber.

“Just when I started enjoying my break!” Dawson wrote. “Alright… Andrew, grab the camera. I’ll call the Uber. 👞👞💼”

While Dawson may have only been joking, massive speculation suggests that the YouTube couple’s breakup was due to the series, itself. Paul’s discussion of his relationship with Alissa Violet may have acted as the catalyst for the split, which apparently took place ‘a while ago,’ according to Paul’s statement on the matter.

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Additionally, recent information provided by Instagram model Nikki Banner revealed that Paul has been ‘hooking up’ with multiple women in the interim, with Banner allegedly being one of them.

This could align with Alissa Violet’s description of her relationship with Paul, who she claimed would have similar physical relationships with other women during their ‘on-again, off-again’ relationship.

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While no hard evidence has been provided as to the reason for Paul’s split with Costell, Dawson may already be on the case. His series over the YouTuber broke records across platforms, gaining more views than major Netflix shows.

It is unclear if Costell will remain a part of Team 10 after the breakup; with the organization’s upcoming rebranding, the group may see an entirely new set of faces very soon.