Adin Ross accused of falsely copyright striking a year old video

Jeremy Gan
adin ross

Adin Ross has been accused of falsely copyright striking a year old video in which he features in it, amid other false copyright strikes from the controversial streamer. 

YouTube, as a video sharing platform, has many measures to make sure a videos which are violating copyright laws are quickly claimed by its rights holder. It’s a necessary part of the platform, which is why YouTube is not filled with full length films and episodes from TV shows. 

However, there are problems to the system, particularly with false claims coming from content creators being able to make claims of other creators’ videos. 

And one such content creator has been Adin Ross. He had been open about filing copyright strikes to shut content creators down, and another instance of an illegitimate strike from Adin seemed to have occurred once again. 

Call of Duty streamer Futives tweeted out that a video of his which features Adin, which already accrued a million views, had been copyright striked.

Although an organization by the name of Thumb Media Affiliates claimed the video, the entity would be claiming it on the behalf of Adin as the creator themselves needs to flag it. 

“Just robbed out of a 1,000,000 view video lol” Futives wrote in his tweet. He further revealed that the video was actually hit with a copyright strike around April.

The video in question, “adin ross vs futives”, which is a year old, did use clips from Adin’s stream. But did so while heavily editing the clips, and much of the video switched between Adin’s and Futives’ streams. 

However, a few hours later, Futives would tweet out an update that he was reached out by the claimers and had the copyright strike lifted. 

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