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Dota2 • Jul 12, 2019

When is Dota 2's The International 2019? Schedule and Format

When is Dota 2's The International 2019? Schedule and Format

That time of the year has come again. Dota 2’s biggest event, The International, is just around the corner.


This year’s International will be the ninth iteration of the event, and will for the first time ever take place in China. 18 teams will fight over an ever-growing prize pool, which is currently just over a record high $26.5 million, and the glory of being crowned TI9 champions. 

The final details have yet to be revealed by Valve, but here is everything we know so far.

Valve Corporation
The International 9 battle pass is breaking records, raising over $25 million toward the event's prize pool.


What is the schedule for The International 2019? 

TI9 is set to start on August 15 and will run until August 25. It will kick off with a three day round robin group stage ending on August 18. This group stage will decide the seeds for the main event, as well as eliminate two teams. 

The main event will begin on August 20. Teams will be seeded into a double elimination bracket based on their group stage results and will battle for five days straight, until only two remain on August 25 for the grand finals.

Valve Corporation
Dota 2's best teams will soon be returning to the biggest stage.


What is the format for The International 2019? 

The event is split into two stages, the group stage, and the main event. 

In the group stage, teams are placed into two groups of nine. In their groups every team will play each other in a two-game series, earning one point for each map win and zero for a loss. The top four teams in each group will advance to the upper bracket of the main event, while the team’s ranked fifth to eighth will advance to the lower bracket. The bottom team in each group will be eliminated. 

After a two-day break, teams will begin the main event. This will be played out in a double elimination bracket, with the top four teams from each group facing teams from the other group in best of three matches. 

The Bracket seeding will be decided by group results, with the first placed team of Group A facing the fourth-placed team of Group B, while the second placed team of Group A will face the third-placed team of Group B and vice versa. 


Valve Corporation
Will reigning champions OG be able to hold onto their title?

Teams that ranked from fifth to eighth will be placed into the lower bracket and will battle teams in the same format as the upper bracket, with the only difference being the initial matches of the lower bracket being played in a best of one format. 

After the initial best of one matches in the lower bracket, the event will be played in a best of three format up until the final, which will be a best of five match.

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